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My girlfriend told me she won't put up with me constantly staying up all night every night and that I need to put myself to bed and sleep beside her again. I always promise I will, and want to go to bed...but then I will start my night off and before I know it... She is passed out and it's nearly 4 am and I still up.

Yesterday morning she woke up without me being asleep next to get and she lost it. I was scared when I heard her coming because I knew her being awake meant she was pissed. Before I could even try to apologize or explain, she grabbed my arm and led me to our room and spanked the **** out of me.

She doesn't usually really punish me with severe spankings but most of the time uses it to correct my behavior with corrective bent over the knee spankings. Usually its tjr case where I have verbally crossed the line and she disciplines me with a quick spanking. But yesterday morning.. When I was up and awake past 2.... I was over her lap, pulled down panties and spanked like I was a little girl brat.

I didn't cry because I knew it was coming when she grabbed my arm and led me to the bed. Today my butt is cherry red. When I woke up this morning she was there and hugged me and rubbed my bottom with cream and said she didn't like punishing me. She agreed she would try not to spank me in anger but that at that point for her I need to be spanked.

Feels like when this happens I can only really even mention what happens here. I feel my age is older for being spankd and its embarrassing. I also live in with her as my girl friend. So I am a gay taken in the hand thing? Which is also embarrassing and not really my favorite thing to express.

I read it works for couples... I read it still happens to teens and wives, and older daughters... But's embarrassing and I feel like I am spanked because she want to discipline me the way she was raised, which is not how I grew up.

I don't feel bad about the circumstance our relationship and the roles we fall into... Just feel like I am the only one.

In all honesty I rather be spanked by her and have it over than fight for hours.

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Jan 20, 2013