1st Week Of Of Taken In Hand

Hello everyone. I've been with my wife for almost 14 years, and in this last week she introduced me to T.I.H. To be honest if I wasn't oblivious to the e-mails and hints that she has been dropping, I could have said I've been involved for more then 8mnths. We've been together and had our ups and downs just like all couples do but I must say this last week has been one of the best we've had since befor children and even dating.
Being involved in a taken in hand relationship makes me pay more attention to how she behaves and interacts with me and others. Not just because if she is "bad" I can punish her but because it's bringing us closer. Well I'm sure I'll write some more in the future as this progresses.
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No updates :(

It has been over a year, I would love to see a story updating this one.

I will let him know. Thanks Jenna ♡

Oh, I admit I'm a bit jealous!!!! My husband has never even read my stories here in more than a year! Lol.
Reading stories from both the female and male perspective is always fascinating!

Hey Good luck. Keep us posted it will be good to have an HoH around here :o)

Mwah, ta gra ugm duit. FEY

Thank you for your replies. Like alot of the stories we have read, she knew something was missing but didn't know there was a name for it. Also she knew that I was a more dominate person but that I wasn't expressing it all the time. So she started looking around for the answers to her questions. Once she found them she sat on it and thought about it for a while and just last week came to me with it. I'm so glad she did because eventhough we had a great marriage this has made it so much better. I've noticed that there isn't a lot of husbands on these groups so I hope my input can help out. Also I'm open to answer questions from the mans/dominate side of the relationship. If any one wants to add me to there circle or friends I'm fine with that. Also as my relationship grows I'll share it with the group. Thank you and I'm glad we found like minded couples. Ta gra ugm duit S.....

Excellent!!!! Good luck for you both