New To Ep And Tih

Hello everyone. My wife and I just found this site the other day and she introduced me to tih this past week. She new about tih months ago and sent me emails and hints but I missed them all. So I just wanted to intoduce myself.
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Thanks for the story. Creating you on taken hand relationship is wonderful.

Thank you all. Absolutely if I have any questions I'll message you. Also if I have HOH questions and your husband doesn't mind answering that would be great.

Hi and welcome!!!!

Hello. I am Roberta, been TiH since August 2010 but before doing the whole DD thing, I was a surrendered wife so I guess you could say, we've been tiH for longer than that. Any time you want to ask anything, just msg me and I'll do my best. My Husband doesn't have an account here but if you want an HoH opinion, I can ask him. He's usually cool with that. :o)