Thinking About Showing My Profile To Him

Since I joined EP (over a year ago ) my husband has never read any of my stories. I'd love to know his opinions, his point of view. I wonder what he'd think about mine.
Sometimes I write from the bottom of my heart and it would be great to somehow open this door for him to enter and understand me more.
He has never hinted an interest in my membership here, so I guess he doesn't even suspect the nature of my posts. Maybe he'll think I've been too open and made our private world go public. But to me, this place has been my own personal psycho therapy. If I'd just left all my thoughts and experiences shut, I'd be insane.
Knowing there were others who felt the same, who lived the same, was prize less.
I guess I'm preparing my profile to open myself to him. By showing him this story I'll invite him to read further.
How would he react?? I don't know... I just feel it's time. Maybe because there's a lot of things I cannot say to him.
What worries me more? Two things : would he feel like I betrayed his privacy ? and secondly -and I know this may sound stupid, but...- I'm afraid he'll think my English is awful and start correcting all my grammar and spelling mistakes, lol.
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Ok, here's an update. My husband created an EP account a couple of days ago. This was the first story I showed him. He started reading (I was at his side, quite nervous ...) Suddenly he stopped and asked "Why did you spelled priceless like prize less??? That's wrong ". He chuckled at my last paragraph, btw.
Lol... don't I know the guy like the palm of my hand...

maybe your honesty will open him up. The key is, its important growth for you, not really him. Right now you are hiding a bit of who you are. You can never expect someone else to feel and care the most for you, until you are honest with yourself and who you are.

I wouldn't. i think maybe this resource is yours to be comfortable and safe in. you can express yourself freely without fear of being criticised. I'd suggest you keep it safe just for you:)

I don't know if I would do that since there's no way back. Now you can post things privately but once he knows you're on EP you have to watch what you post (maybe, idk how open you are to each other of course).

But if you are totally fine with him reading all your stories then why not? Like someone else noted before, this is hardly different from keeping a diary.

I am very imppressed with your stories and how you handle yourself. I enjoy how you share your thoughts and feelings. Please consider adding me I would love to form a great friendship.

Lol, speaking as an English person. Your spelling and grammar is pretty good. I can't count a time when I noticed anything wrong anyway. I think your idea to show your profile to your husband is a wonderful one. It will bring you closer together :o)

If he trusts you and respects your space, he seems like a reasonable enough man that he would accept whichever stories you choose to share. This is not much different than keeping a diary, really.

I think your english is great, as far as sharing this, don't know your husband, but for what I have read, I don't think it is anything to get upset over.

Anonimacy, I teach English to those who speak another language at home, and I would swear you were a native English speaker. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I sometimes wonder if my husband were to be reading what I post if I'd be in for it, for sharing too much of our private lives. I've tried to be respectful to him, but I'm sure there are things I should not have written.

I agree with amethyst. As I told you, you're doing just fine with English.

Thanks for always supporting my efforts CC. Coming from you, means a lot ;)

I saw that pretty quickly and fixed it. It's nice that you can do that with comments; too bad about replies.

You're welcome, anonimacy. I'm a straight shooter, not a flatterer.