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I Pushed Too Far

I don't know why I get in these moods, but once they start I go downhill. My boyfriend works at night so he sleeps usually starting around 3 or 4 until he goes to work. This morning he watched a couple spanking videos and while I was in the kitchen he had pushed the coffee table more towards the middle of the room. When I came back to the living room and saw this, I thought, Oh I'm finally going to get my maintenance spanking which I normally would get on Mondays and here it was Wednesday. He hasn't been doing these routinely lately and I get a little moody when I don't get them. So I sat on the couch and was in anticipation. An hour or so went by and nothing. He got up to go to the bathroom once and on his way through he pushed me onto my stomach on the couch and gave me a couple swats on the butt. I thought ok, more would be coming in a few minutes. Another hour went by and it was noon. He got up and said he was going to go to bed. He kissed me and went. The bedroom is just off the living room. I sat there and started sputtering. When I start this I get worse as I go. I sat there getting mad and saying things that I didn't think he could actually hear such as...nice, get me into anticipation then nothing happens and figures he goes to bed early and I sit here as usual and I don't think he even wants to spank me half the time anymore...blah know...stupid things I shouldn't be sputtering about. I did this for about 15 minutes. In the middle of it, the bedroom door swings open and out comes Dave. I never saw the hairbrush and I was over his knee with my pants down so fast it made my head spin. The whole time he was smacking me with the hairbrush he was lecturing. He said he has had enough of hearing the bitching and sputtering and obviousily I was looking for a spanking i wouldn't forget for a while. He's right I won't. I was sent to the corner, but held in my tears. After about 5 minutes he pulled me by the arm and bent me over the chair and I got paddled 10 times with no pauses in between. Now the tears came out. I was sent to the corner and left there for at least 10 minutes or more. I had so much guilt and felt so stupid for how I had acted. He came over and stood there holding me for a few minutes and I couldn't even look at him. We sat on the couch and finally after maybe a half hour I said I was sorry and he said all is forgiven. I told him I felt so guilty for acting like that. He's finding out that spanking me for my actions really works though. I've been thinking he lets me get away with an attitude too many times. Not today. I found out expecting a spanking for maintenance is so much different than getting a punishment spanking especially when you think you're going to get away with an attitude and you don't see the spanking coming. I don't think I will push him that far again anytime soon. I would much rather ask for a good girl spanking.
mjg1968 mjg1968 41-45, F 4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

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Thanks for starring. To me this story is heads up. Because I open my mouth all the time and can't stop. But I include banging dishes a little harder if im putting them away or shutting doors louder. My steps are louder, my face shows everything!! I could so see my husband doing this. Sorry you have a sore bum now. But hope your feeling better emotionally.

Yes exactly! I do the same thing...if I have an attitude I end up doing everything louder and I know it's for the attention. Yesterday I did ask for a good girl spanking and after we talked. He said if what I need is a trip over his knee I could ask for anything from a light one to a harder one, whichever mood I'm in. If I let it go and don't say anything then I'll get the kind I don't want. Sometimes I just can't help my mood or stop myself but I'll try harder even though I know it will happen again. I do feel better after our talk and after he punished me that day I was worn right out.

We tried that. And for us it didn't work. I felt weird asking him and then it just didn't have the same effect. Im glad it worked for tho. That's great! Yes I get loud and get a real attitude. Just can't help it sometimes

Well.... I've been in the same situation before.... No fun at all.... I agree good girl spankings are much better.... Sorry you got a spanking and corner time sweetie... *hugs*

Thank you for the hugs...I'm going to try to remember that even though I have a hard time asking for a spanking if I know I need it, it's much better than getting a punishment one. I'd much rather him be happy with me.

Yep, I hate that downward spiral too. The worst part is knowing what will happen if you don't stop but being unable to. It's maddening! Sometimes I think I manage to pull up before I cross the line but I doubt I ever really manage to keep from crossing it once the spiral has started. Hopefully you can pull up next time:-)

I hope I can too, but it's so hard when I get that frustrated.

Can all the women relate to this? I know I can. I've never managed to control my mouth but it really irritates me when they miss a maintenance spanking. I need it... really need it. I will ask now, I got over the embarrassment but I still feel I shouldn't have to ask you know? I can't help but think, that if our HoH were more consistent, we wouldn't be sassing in the first place!

If he hadn't come out of the bedroom I wouldn't have stopped then I would have ended up sitting there getting madder and madder then ending up crying. I feel downright psycho when it happens. I'm the same...if I would get maintenance like i should I would be more on an even keel. He said to me today that I was "back to his sweet girl" after the spanking. I hope he keeps remembering how well it works with me.