Now He Feels Bad?

Okay, I want to share my story here...

Last week I got the hardest spanking ever. I was talking in a disrespectful way for the 100th time and he got sick of it, so he called me from his job after a fight and he told me that I was going to be punished hard if I ever talked to him that way again. I said 'I know you won't do that', because he always threatens, and then he said 'just watch me' and told me to wait for him to come home. I have been going through some rough times (no joke) with my family, and he has been there for me all the time. When he came home he hugged me and told me that he didn't want to fight with me, that he knew I was going through hard times, but that his job as my husband was to control me and that I had to respect him and learn to talk instead of be mean. Then he said he wanted to take me over his knee, so I took off my panties and did what he told me. For some reason I knew that I wasn't going to get away with a few smacks this time so I was really nervous. The day after I was going to have dinner with his parents and I had been very nervous cause I always worry that they don't like me enough. He seems to think that I don't feel confident enough about our relationship cause when he took me over his knee he said he was going to make my *** burn so that I would remember that I belonged to him the next day at that meeting. It did burn for like two days.

Anyways, the day after I had problems sitting and he saw it and then he started to say that he was sorry and seemed to feel really bad. I told him that it hurt but that it was good that he did it. But he said that the next time I am disrespectful he will just try to be extra sweet to me. I don't want him to feel guilty. I don't understand him. What can I do to make him feel less guilty?
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Thank you silencedshy. I do try to make him feel better about it and his concern for me reliefs me. I am just a bit afraid that he will think I like it when he is mean to me or something or that I don't appreciate his kindness but I do...

What is HoH by the way?

Head of household

Explain that you don't like him being mean. You Luke the dominance he shows and you want his leadership. That is how I explained it. I sent my husband lots of emails so he could understand better.

Thanks : ). I sent him many emails too. I felt bad at first, because he isn't a very difficult man. He likes thinks simple. Luckily he understands almost everything. When he started to take control though he really got a little mean and sadistic, but after a while he saw that that kind of behavior hurt me and that I didn't like that and then he got a bit too soft again. Now I got a spanking and he seemed to take control in the good way finally but I think that he is afraid to hurt me again cause I'm a sensitive girl I guess.

Anyway I shouldn't complain cause he's very sweet... He left on a trip yesterday and before he went he told me to 'be good' and went through a list of things that I wasn't supposed to do in his absence (such as smoking and drinking). So I guess he is getting back on track.

I'm glad that everything worked out for you guys! I think men understand a lot more than women often assume. They just don't always know how to express it.

Thanks for clearing up the HoH thing. I thought it mean Husband of Honor but then i wasn't sure, haha.

Lol no problem. Yea I couldn't stress to my hubby enough with our first initial talk that im more interested in the connection and him being himself a sweet dom. I do enjoy spanking so idk how ill handle a punishment. This lifestyle takes some couple years to get a hang of (so I read). Good luck with everything. Including following ur rules and lists while he's away. That's hard.

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Maybe try to plan around the outings? He may have felt better if the setting was different. He could have done it after the dinner for instance. I think That maybe its just a feeling that he needs to adjust to. No man really enjoys the punishment persay its the result he needs to consintrate on. He just has to keep telling himself that this is what you want and ur ok.with it. This is really the answer for a HOG to answer. My husband gave me a sore bum for 3-4a days once and was really upset by the look of it. (Before TIH and I just wanted him to do it) but once he knew I kinda liked it as it was a reminder and even warmed my heart he seemed ok after that. (Or just never said anything more about it). Good luck with everything. Were just starting out as well and were trying to look at it as trial and error and just move on.

Oh dear my auto correct messes up. HOH. NOT HOG. Sorry