Spanked Last Night

As some of you know, my husband and I are new to this. However, It seems like we have been doing this for some time. I say that because he has caught on super fast! He hasnt missed a beat with me. I am truely a lucky wife :) And yes I still feel this way even after last night.

My husband knows (because we laid everything out on the table from day 1) when my emotional build up is starting. I start getting very "needy" I am just searching for attention and I dont seem to care if its good or bad. I just want him to notice me. Normally I end up doing something along the lines of feeling his power. example: If he touches my boob I say "you cant touch them, there mine!" he will say "No they are mine and I will touch them whenever I want" That little bit of dominance I love to hear and feel. Or I will tickle him so much that he gets annoyed and gives me the "look" and sternly says "ENOUGH!" I cant seem to get enough of that. These are things that happened before we started TIH.

When he got home yesterday he asked me "How did you do with the chores today?" I said "ehh I dont know" he says "what do you mean you dont know?" I said "Well I didnt feel like doing much but I did some" He looks at me and says "ah I see, thats not good" And to my now regret I say "It dosnt matter anyways, You said there is no consequences for missed chores. So you cant be mad at me." well in a nutshell he said that he will definitly fix that and that he is going to implement rules. (uh oh!)

Later we head to a store. He kisses me but looks over my head. I said "what/who are you looking at?" He replys "no body" I said "good, cause when you kiss me you should be looking at me" he gave me the look and said "You dont tell me what to do" I just said "ok". I think I had been pushing him a bit for attention in just 2 hours so far. When we get home, after the kids go to bed. I start my "neediness" I start tickling him and play love tapping him and sticking my tounge out just to get a rise outta him. Well I got a rise all right. Him right outta his chair! Apparently playing around with him before TIH is not how I am to play around now.

He told me Im going to get it and I thought it was in good fun. He started a few smacks until the dogs went crazy barking. So he stops to put the dogs away. Which I deside its play time again. I take his dog by the collar and keep him with me. After he gets the dog back I sit on the recliner (only room for one). He grabs me arm and pulls me to the couch. Over his knee I go. He is smacking and I am laughing. (I was looking at this as playing around) He said "Im doing this because you were disrespectful and because I think you need it" I said "I was playing around I was not disrespecting you". He just keeps spanking. My jeans were on and I was not going to tell him I had lots of padding. But he kinda figured that out cause the smacks came a little harder.

I started pushing is hands away. He would grab them and my back till I calmed down. Then I would just try to get up. Nope that didnt work either. The whole time Im trying to think how could I get outta this. He is like ahead a step the whole time. After a bit I starting kicking and telling him to stop. He said "Nope". So now Im getting angry and not wanting him touching me at all. I can feel my nose getting stuffy and my eyes are tearing a little bit. Im hitting his knee and he gives me a few smacks that I can tell were specifically for me hitting back. But he said nothing. Then next time he spoke was after I calmed down a bit. He moved the hair from my face and asked me "how are you doing? Are you ok" and I said (with attitude) "Im fine, Im done!" He chuckles. he freakin chuckles and says "No your not." Ugh I cant win.

He spanked me for a hour. When I went completely still and quiet he still spanked me for what seemed like another 30 minutes. But probably only 10 minutes. But in those 10 minutes he took my hand and just held it. When he was done he sat me up and held me. Told me he loved me and asked if I was ok. I said I loved him too and I thanked him. I told him I felt better. We just laid on the couch together my head on his chest for about an hour. I was in complete submission. My mind was clear, no worries, no stress, Just love. We soon went to bed and made love. Which I might add was completely GREAT! LOL It was definitly different. I guess cause the connection we had was a bit different.

I look at last night as a maintance/punishment spanking. He saw me starting to spiral. He said it wasnt what I was saying but how I was saying it. He knew that today I had a big day and he didnt want me to get worse before he could do anything about it. I think he did the right thing. Im definitly sore. I already today showed a little attitude and he gave my behind a single smack. Yup that was a good reminder of last night. That definitly stung and put a pep in my step. LOL
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3 Responses Jan 26, 2013

Wow! He's great at this!! Glad to know you're both doing this fine.

Lol ty. I feel super lucky! I shouldn't say im shocked at how fast he caught on BUT I kinda am. He just gets it. :)

Great story and a GREAT TIME lasr night.

Thanks hubby


Beautiful. We both had fun last night, then. ;-)

aww thanks :) and I guess so. LOL