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Hello id like to share my first experience with you all last night in bed with my partner he was casually fingering me and after a while i came now as soon as this happens i lose interest but he kept going . I started to squirm about a bit and he held me in place and told me there was no need for that and to stop it i did for a bit but started again he slapped my backside flipped me over and took me doggy style i was a bit shocked but found i quite liked this im a very dominant woman in every day life but was very taken aback that i liked him being this way in bed .
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I have to add he cuddled me afterwards and told me he took me doggy style bcs he knew i wasnt keen on that position and he wanted to assert his dominance over me and to expect the same again if i squirmed or tried moving away from him he also has expressed he wants more BJs and for me to swallow (as i usually spit) and to be available when hes in the mood more ...i hate swallowing and im going to have a hartd time with this so any advise would be good if i spit hes going to spank me and doggy me so id rather get over the grossness and learn to swallow fast

If you try and put him as deep as possible in your throat - maybe try just before you think he is about to explode - you probably won't even notice he has *** ... You won't have it in your mouth as it goes straight down the back of your throat. I tried this and loved it, and now I can't get enough lol

A lot of dominant women find they like to be submissive in bed, it adds balance to their lives. I say tell your hubs, he might do that more often :o)