Note To All TIH Wives

If your going to stick your tongue out at your man make sure he's not looking in a mirror. The look on his face was priceless, not something I plan on repeating right away, but I caught him off balance for a min. and there's a part of me smiling. ;)))))
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Haha, that's cute!

Now that is funny. Can't help but to laugh and relate at the same time.

lol I recently rolled my eyes while my husband was lecturing me. I was in the little alcove where the linen closet is in our bathroom, putting towels away. I didn't realize he could see my reflection in the glass shower door. oops!


LOL my turn to laugh. The crazy thing is after I got a reaction out of him, I've sort of become a bit mischievous I love seeing his expression when I do something he totally does not expect. I get my butt warmed sometimes but it's so worth it. Since Mr. D would never really "hurt" me and because TIH was his way and not mine I'm not a true submissive. This has brought a side of me out I never knew I had. I always thought myself very calm and proper. Who knew there was a rebellious, sassy, fun loving crazy person waiting to be unleashed. I might be sporting a red bottom no one sees, but he sports a red face and laughs in spite of himself more often these days. He is so out of his league I have a few very close friends who know about our TIH relationship who help me conspire my next unexpected joke. Since we all hang out together and because the other husbands have been victims through association I no longer worry about being spanked in front of them. It seems my husband has recruited their husbands into TIH as well. Me and the girls have taken up running,
Yoga and out right chaos at times. I know that TIH is different for everyone some people take it to a level I would feel abused in and some people would think our way was to relaxed but we have found a balance that seems to be working and for the first time in my life I do feel loved, cherished, and safe to be exactly who I am. Maybe I will change my screen name to Feisty56 if you know how please tell me, no way is Mr. D ever going to find me on here. So asking him is out of the question. We have a really good Practical joke planed for the 4th of July we know will get our bottoms warmed for ill post it and tell everyone how it went, mean while ill keep Practicing my bob and weave if he's going to spank me he will have to catch me first.

Lol!! :)

I can imagine that wouldn't go over well... Lol

Lol... I did that once but luckily I didn't get caught :o)

That put a picture into my mind that still has me chuckling! (although i assume there are other parts of you that aren't smiling) :-)

Oh my goodness. I am laughing so hard. Sorry about that. I can just picture it. Bad move on your part...but funny.

I laughed too before and after but smart enough to do it to my self. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘ƒ

Good Plan!