He Takes Me In Hand

The last time I was rude to my h2b, I raised my voice and did not listen to him when he told me to change my attitude. He sent me to the bedroom, where I had to stand in the corner, but I was so dissapointed with myself that I had gotten into trouble that I ran to the bedroom and threw myself on the bed, my head pressed in the pillow and I was sobbing when he came in. Initially he was mad and said: 'did I not tell you the corner?' but when he saw I was sad, he came over to the bed and put his arms around me. I melted and hugged him tight. He talked to me for a while about my disrespectful behaviour and I apologised. He overloaded me with kisses and we were just lying there for a while before he told me to get up. I knew what he was up to. He took my arm and led me to the end of the bed and sat down. I was standing before him and he made me look into his eyes and he told me he would not accept the behaviour I showed earlier on. I just nodded, knowing I had caused this myself.

The next thing was that he lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties and grabbed my arm to lay me over his lap. I got the hardest hand spanking I had received in a long while. Afterwards I burried my face in his neck and we had a lovely evening, everything was forgiven.

Just before we went to bed I was being cheeky and was talking back to him about something really silly, just for the sake of it. I just did not want to let go. What he did next was more powerful than any spanking could be. I was sitting on the couch and he walked over to me, put his hand under my chin and made me look up at him. He looked me firmly in the eyes and said softly (with a very sexy grin on his face but I knew he was very serious): 'My dear, don't you think you have been in enough trouble for today?' He gave me a little tap on my leg and said ' Time for bed.' I was so impressed by this calm and loving approach that I just nodded and went to make myself ready for bed, after tidying up the livingroom quickly. I felt him keeping an eye on me not wasting any time. I felt no need to rebel. My man had stepped up. I knew where I had him. I wanted to return the respect he just showed me and listen to him.


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Such a sweet story!

I think this is so hot!

grest share.<br />
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I agree.. some men that claim to be HOH, are really dominant *****.. who abuse.. in the context of DD... where are the REAL men out there.. who understand what we `` girls`` want and need.. to be content and happy.. and when Momma ain`t happy, ain`t nobody happy..

This is the kind of man I need. I am not convinced he exists, except for those that are already taken lol.

Thanks for sharing Mearamar. It sounds like we have very similar situations. And I agree, I place DD in the same category with Take in Hand. My HOH and I actually are VERY new to this but so far we're really loving it. I feel like we've come "home." <br />
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Aimeelynn, I hope you are able to find what Mearamar and I have been so fortunate to have found. My HOH is very strong and very loving. I have complete faith in him and that he will always take care of me and not abuse the trust I've placed in him to be my complete HOH in every respect. We have a very long history but a very short time with DD/TIH . This has really added a wonderful dimension to our lives.

Thats the kind of guy that I want. I want someone that cares and loves me and really wants the best for me, but is also in charge. A lot of times, dominant men can be very abusive and the how most D's i meet are way too controlling for me. I do think there are times that I do deserve to be punished, but there are also times that I am just being playful and being a brat just to be fun. I don't want to have someone that thinks that I shouldn't talk and should just do as they say. I have an opinion and a mind and know how to talk. <br />
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I really hope I can find someone. It sounds like you guys have a good relationship

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! It's nice to get feedback.<br />
Yes I place domestic discipline and taken in hand under the same header. <br />
My H2b knows very well that the playfully cheeky part won't be succesfully erased, no matter what haha and I know he does like this part of my personality. I do not have to be well behaved 24/7 when it comes to that still there are boundaries cause i have times I might take it a bit too far and especially after a serious situation he always tells me I am better off keeping a low profile because the limit is easily reached then.<br />
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There have been situations in which I felt he was stripping me down, as you call it in the sense that after a serious offence I had to 'earn' back things that are normally happening without putting any thought to it, for example: having a cozy drink together (he never drinks when he is mad, after having to discipline me, when I have been real bad and he actually had to be upset with me, a situation that could last a few hours, he would not sit down for an alcoholic drink with me). Because we are both working shifts and it's hard to get those cozy evenings together that for me is a real punishment and I will feel it.<br />
Also, one time after being very disrespectful to him he made me 'speak to him with two words (yes, sir) when he was scolding me and spanking me (which he will ask of me quite often when I have been disrespectful). This one time I had to do this for a whole afternoon, until he told me he was happy with my behaviour. I never really thought I could do this without feeling a bit funny without me but his 'role' really requests me having respect for him and I really do have it and this makes it easy for me at times.<br />
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Things he has promised me to never get away with is: be disrespectful, taking bad care of my health, swearing, making silly decisions which have serious consequences (for example not getting tax reclaim for in in time)...

Nice story.<br />
My question:<br />
"Just before we went to bed I was being cheeky..."<br />
To what extent does being Taken in Hand (same as Domestic Discipline?) stifle your personality? Sometimes playfully cheeky is fun, and this could very well build into behavior modification. <br />
<br />
Now this could be considered "Boot Camp" in that he is stripping you all the way down and then rebuilding you up afterwards, with your consent of course, but I just wonder if you two have expressed a particular agenda that there are certain things you both will work on and he will make sure you don't get away with.