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Hi everyone. I'm in the first TIH relationship I've ever experienced. Actually I didn't know until recently there was a label for this type of thing until I stumbled across it online. So I'm excited to find a group of people with the same beliefs about relationships. I'm about the last person who would have ever thought this is the kind of relationship I'd want but it developed so naturally and I'm so happy. So I was interested in learning about other peoples experiences and finding a supportive area to talk because most of my friends think I'm slightly insane for submitting to anyone. Although they all say how happy and relaxed I am, so go figure ;) Anyway I'm curious to learn about other relationships like mine. Like I said I didn't know there was a word for it!
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My HOH and i have been committed to a "TiH / Dom/sub/ DD with just a splash of bdsm for fun" relationship for just over a month now. I stumbled onto the TiH website quite by accident one night. And became fascinated. I kept reading and reading and said, "Yes! Thats it! That's what I want/need." So the next question was how to approach my husband of 23 1/2 years. When He came home from work the next day i asked Him if we could talk after the girls were in bed. I told hHim about the TiH way of life. I showed hHim the TiH website and the CDD and DD websites. And asked Him what He thought. Surprise surprise He said yes, He'd like to do that too. I was nervous before asking Him and then i was a little nervous afterward wondering about my choice and if i was going to regret it. I can't even put into words how wonderful this has all been. I have been in a constant state of arousal from the moment He said yes. Every time He sends me a text from work telling me to do this or that i actually get excited to do something for Him. You have to understand that He is a very sensitive, caring person who has always taken care of me... even to the point of never asking anything for Himself which we actually "discussed" in the past. He just always wanted me to be happy. And i told Him I'd be much happier if He was more open and outspoken with His wants and desires. I know He has them He just never wanted to feel He was taking advantage of me. So this has really openned things up for us. We had a good marriage before... but now... wow.. can you say FANTASTIC!!

I'm not currently in a relationship, but this is the kind of relationship that I want. It just seems right for me. I think it is something that people are born with, you are just naturally submissive. I too have friends that think i'm a little crazy for wanting a relationship like this. I try to explain it to them, but usually leave it as a sexual desire. I think it works for some people and doesn't work for others....hope your relationship is going well.