Happily Taken In Hand

My husband and I have been in a TiH relationship since we were married two years ago. This has just always been what suited us best. I am naturally submissive but things like BDSM and such never appealed to me. My husband is a dominant, take charge type of person but he isn't micromanaging and doesn't find the violent or humiliating aspects of BDSM at all to his taste. We simply find that we work best when I focus on keeping the house and pleasing him and he works to provide for us both. I admit I often don't show a lot of people we know just how in charge of our home he is; I certainly never go against him, but they don't understand that his is the final say in our house (and I wouldn't have it any other way!) because I am pretty sure they wouldn't understand.

On the rare occasion I do snap at him or behave unappreciatively, he disciplines me accordingly. We keep a flat, varnished balsa wood paddle hanging from the inside of his study door, and if I ever step out of line, he instructs me to follow him to the study. I lay across his lap or bend over the arm of the couch with my skirt raised, and he administers a punishment he feels is fitting. I always thank him afterward; I am so lucky to have this man in my life!

I appreciate his willingness to step up and take charge in the house; I feel so much more comfortable having my role defined for me, and I am grateful he will take the time to remind me of my place if I ever get slack in my role. This is such a peaceful and freeing existence, and I am so grateful for this man and my life with him.

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thanks for sharing

What happens in your home is up to your husband and you: your friends and family have no business knowing how the two of you sort things out. Congratulations, I hope that everything is still running smoothly and lovingly in your home.

Indeed thanx, you describe perfect my to be relationship

Thank you for sharing this..... ;)

Thank you very much for sharing your story.

Wow so inspiring!

great story