Sick Love

well my marriage has always been crazy...we kinda grew up together. Lived in the same apartments. He hung out with my best friends boy friend. He was always around.  I was 13 years old, he was 16. same school, same friends, he wasnt my type but i was 13 had no type. He started with the notes. Do u like me yes or no type stuff. Well long story short, He was my 1st boyfriend and a year later I lost my virginity with him.  I was his first aswell. About a year after that i got pregnant. After my son was born i moved in with him at his parents. we had problems but nothing to bad.  I moved back to my moms about 5 hours away , not cause of r problems but at the time i didnt get along with his mom.  i was gone for about a month , we talked every night.  I told him i could do it on my own if he thought he wasnt ready. My mom and family r great i would have help... He sold his junky car and a few of his belongings to get a plane ticket to come be with us. All is good, but we want to go back to dfw area... so we come home to get a place of are own . I am 17 years old and have to be married to have an apartment. MOm signs papers we get married...Mom get an apartment in the same complex.all is good.... ok there is a few suspicions of cheating no proof and no big problems....



so we r good we want another baby my son is almost 4 we get pregnant have a girl... He takes care of me... He gets up with the baby with me ....Many nights we would lay in bed playing uno waiting for the baby to wake up. Again there was problems but so many good things to trump any bad.... He didnt hit me, Never called me names always said i love u. good with the kids.So many good things i really felt love on good days.......bad days started getting more and more tho ....drinking more on weekends late nights.... but again it was weekends bad week days good....well a few years later we move need a bigger apartment. a few weeks after the move i find out im pregnant. THings  start slowly getting bad. More nights that he dont come home.... fights but yet he still says he loves me. I remember finding lipstick on a shirt and i kick him out... he tells me he loves me and he is sorry. i take him back after all im due to have a new baby.......things r good again .we get a house....the crap starts up again new baby born i spend most of the time with out him. He is cheating i know it i kick him out..... ME being stupid i would still slepp with him when he would stop in to see the kiddos........I have a iud birth control im safe i . u .d. last 5 to 10 years im new baby is about two months old and i end up pregnant by my husband that i kicked out for cheating....................I found out about SAMANTHA (girlfriend)

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26-30, F
May 11, 2012