Emails From My Husbands Girlfriend

well at this time my husband is living with his girlfriend Samantha. He went back to her about 4 months ago, Well one day i check my emails and i see an email from her, but this time its from a new email address. well i open it up and its a picture of her and his new tattoos.She got his name and he got her on he back of his neck...Ok say i reply and ask her why she would put a married mans name on her body.....ok let me also say that my husband also has my name tattooed on his chest , i also have his name on my chest. So now my husband has my name and hers. She tells me that im only pissed because he put her name where it can be seen. And my name is hiding under his shirt.... Well me being the ***** that i am tell ask her if she likes looking at my name when he is on top of her...i told her that i wont have to look at her name, because its on the back of his neck.....Ok well during these last few months my husband and i have been texting and he always asking to see me and wanting to come over. so i tell her i guess she thought he changed and would always be with her so thats why she got the tatt....LOL  so i email her all the screen shots of him trying to get back with me......wanna know the rest let me know
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Maybe it's time to start looking elsewhere. I say u already won. She's looking at your name all the time and she knows it. LOL he's not worth your time. Get rid of his name tatooed on your body, make it something else or get laser treatments. Just find someone better. U've wasted enough time on him already.

Once a wondering dog always one!

Has it occurred to you he likes being fought over and getting you both upset and jealous? He likely gets an ego boost out of it.<br />
Tell him he wants her, he can have her, and file for's not like he's gonna magically be faithful for her, hardcore cheaters don't tend to change.<br />
You deserve a guy you can actually count on.

i have said this many times... i agree 100% with u ... i hope to one day be strong enough to let him go. i say i take him back so she dont win him but he is the only winner in this game...and he is no prize he will never be faithful...i know this and i wish the love i have for him would go away.