I Am In A Very Troubled Marriage,married 18yrs.

its been long over for 10yrs.. we have tried counceling numerous times..but there's too much damage, things said and done. He checked out emotionally,mentally,spiritually and physically. Sex is none existant,argue daily over everything, he is gone all the time. But when I say lets end it..I get do what you gotta do or isn't it worth fixing. I am calling a lawyer tomorrow to see my options. I have two grown children and one minor, I don't work, I have fibromyalgia. Its very scary howeved I won't live like this any longer... so here I go. I have prayed earnestly for healing and the marriage to be restored, now I pray to be released and Blessed.
Katsnina Katsnina
36-40, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Sounds similar to my situation. We just don't seem to be trying anymore. Did you stay together for the kids. Our 7 and 10 year olds are a big reason I don't leave. But it's making me very sad. Do you wish you had left sooner?

I know I wish I had left sooner. I saw an attorney when my kids were very young. Fast forward to now where one is a preteen and one is a teen. It's going to impact them much more now (I saw another attorney a month ago). I'm also a SAHM and have been trying to get back to work. It's been very, very difficult (I'm older, been out of work too long, etc.). I'm giving it one last shot this month and go from there. At least I know what my rights are now (custody, finances, etc). Troubled marriages with children are VERY hard.