My Husband Spanks Me

I have never shared my story out of embarrassment, but my husband has decided I should be spanked for bad behavior. Yesterday, I was in a terrible mood and to make along story short in a short period of time I told him to shut up and called him stupid. I was cussing like a sailor and pitching a fit. He finally had enough and grabbed me and took me to our room. He told me to remove my clothes. I know the ritual. I must ***** and remain on all fours for my spanking then he removes his clothes and takes me from behind. yesterday was different. He removed his clothes first. Then he began with about 10 good smacks to my butt real fast and hard then He put lube on his finger and rubbed on my butt. I could not believe he was doing this. Then I felt the pressure of penis on my butt. He was going to take it and he knows I hate that. As soon as I said NO he backed off and spanked me again. Then he put his penis back on my hole with slight pressure. This time I said please don't do this and he pulled away. Yes, he spanked me again! Then I felt his penis for the the third time. I said nothing and he began to push in. It hurt so bad and was not gentle at all. His new rule is during discipline I have to submit to anything he wants and can not talk. I decided this morning to leave his work clothes wet in the washer because I was still mad. He called me from work and said when he gets home I am to be naked laying across the bed with a pillow under my hips. I am to lay out a leather belt and a container of lube. I am dreading this session and don't know what I was thinking!!
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After reading and careful thought, I am conflicted on the comments below, to each their own, however I am in a fairly new DD D/s dynamic with my wife. In my practice I do not include sex as a part of discipline, when I deal out discipline it is followed by forgiveness and aftercare. After the punishment then we can move forward, and if she was aroused by the punishment then we will address that as well.

Everyone has their hard limit and just because the author of this post HATES or disliked the punishment does not mean limits were crossed. If she felt a limit was crossed that should be discussed with her Hoh

if you are naughty an need spanking an punishment you have to just take it an spread your butt cheeks i use the strap on my wife for punishment
an for being mad at you rhubby an doing that for his clothes you should not sit for days if it was me

is this story true? i feel so bad for you if its true. my man has only threatened to spank me for not minding when he tells me to do things. we do not live together but he said that when he is here next time that im going to get my *** wooped. he said about 10 whaks with a paddle. and if i fight him he will double it.

I usually don't write comments when I'm not related to the story, but this story gave me some thinking. <br />
I am spanked by my husband and live in a husband led marriage. I asked for it. I feel a sexual desire when I'm under his authority, I get aroused when he guides me and when I do things for him. I am not in denial. I may vent a little if my butt is sore, but that's all. I know what I want and he knows it too.<br />
I can understand that some women need to complain a lot over being discipline, but, they and their husbands knows what they want. Even when they cry and ask to stop, they crave for more. They need to "act" as though they are not consenting, and that is up to them.<br />
That made me thought that there are only two scenarios here:<br />
A) You are being abuse. Period. Get help!!<br />
B) You are meeting your own desires and you writing in such a way is just a part of it. You like to be taken like that and to act like you hate it. But you and your husband know that this is what you both want. If that's the case, so be it! You are entitled of making your own choices and meeting your own desires.<br />
I just wish the best for you. And take care, whatever the case.

I think this is a great story. My HoH would have added a punishment for saying 'no'! I think, if you are a wife who wants to be obedient and submissive, having a HoH who is able to help you do that is a wonderful gift.

As long as you consent to this sort of treatment, it is likely to be assumed you enjoy it. I think you do, actually. It is quite lovely to know a man cares enough to remind you of your place with him, as your husband most definitely has chosen to up the cost of disobeying or disrespecting his authority over you. As for the new rules he's put upon you concerning times of discipline, this makes good sense, that you should submit to him, and not be allowed to have a voice in what happens. This involves total trust, and if you have that trust for he who controls you this way, there should really be nothing to think about, other than maintaining your respect for his authority, and remembering to thank him for caring enough to make sure you're always learning better how to be pleasing for him:) Enjoyed your story, and hope you're being good for your husband:)

Thats funny, Im hoping she leaves the jackass.

Yes, but obviously, by way of her chosen words, this is, for the author of the story, an entirely consensual arrangement. For this reason, those of us in the lifestyle tend to congratulate others when they come forth to share their experiences.

That sounds horrible! He should be charged with rape! I thought you TIH people were supposed to have boundaries and written rules of acceptable agreed upon punishments before hand? He sounds like a tyrant! If I were you Id withhold sex.

Don't agree with using sex for punishment and anal sex even less.

I'm sorry but even in a TiH relationship, I don't think that's right. I submit to my Husband because always he has my best interests at heart. He has a responsibility to behave in a way that is morally acceptable and in so doing he earns the gift of my submission. Forcing anal sex against your will isn't in your best interests and I think it is psychologically damaging, love making in marriage should always be consensual and a bonding experience for both of you, so you should talk to him about that and explain how he made you feel that day!

I completely agree with you Robbo, and I do know that you are in a helathy tih relationship, unfortunately there are many women on here who are not.

This is god damn rape, why are you letting him do this to you?