In A Loving, Secure Marriage That Involves Some Discipline

My husband and I have been married for three years now. We are best friends, in love and I am so happy to married to a wonderful man.

We discussed two weeks before our wedding about rules and guidelines in our marriage. We bought a book about Christian domestic discipline and a book on Christian marriage. We read bits of it together before we got married and after. I realized how important it is that I still have discipline in my life, no matter what age I am. I was reminded that my husband would be respectfully dominant in the relationship and how he would be the head of our household.

Even before we discussed it, I had an idea that this would be how it is if we got married, as he would often lecture me or correct me and was quite direct when he did not agree with something. However, I understand it was because he was taking care of me. Growing up, I was disciplined quite mildly, the only I was spanked was by my mother which was just a mild discomfort. My parents didn't have much involvement in my life because of their work commitments, so I was raised by a nanny. She was never allowed to spank me or anything along the lines of harder discipline. Which is why my marriage has improved my behavior quite a bit and I've become a much better person as I'm finally aware of how I am hurting others and doing things I shouldn't be.

Now for the actual punishments. I am spanked for being disobedient, disrespectful, naughty or dishonest. I am a free-spirit, I am Latin-American (my husband is American though), and my culture is very free spirited. I was being very irresponsible at my new job such as not handing my work in or finishing it, coming in late. The first serious incident that happen asked my husband to discipline me, but refused, and told me that this would be my warning. We openly discussed it, and he gave me a hug afterward, reminding me that we all make mistakes from time to time. This shows he's very fair. But it happened again, luckily I didn't lose my job, but I honestly approached husband and admitted that I had been irresponsible and disobedient. We sat down first, and we calmly talked again about what I had done. At first, I argued with him and said the humiliation is punishment enough, but instead he followed through in spanking me. All he did was gently lay me over his lap, taking down my panties (I am always bared) and spanked me with his open hand. They started out just enough to sting, but then gradually got harder until my bottom was blushing. Then he took out the wooden spoon and finished the spanking crisp and stinging. By the end, my bottom was very warm and dark pink. He never makes me do corner time. Instead, he lays me over the bed and rubs my bottom lovingly. Then takes Aloe Vera gel and rubs it in well. This not only heals, but stings and burns for only a few seconds reminding me what I have done and how I've been spanked. Afterward, we snuggle and I always feel better. He is always very comforting.

Spankings don't feel long, and he always uses his hand and then the wooden spoon. Anything else like belts, rulers, switches or paddles are out of the picture. If I deserve a more serve spanking, he will spank with the wooden spoon that has a larger, rounder head. I feel very loved, not abused, secure and very cared for. I wouldnt change anything about our marriage and thankful that I've become a better woman because of it. :)
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I bet you guys have the best sex after, too! Lucky..

I am a little afraid, i will be a newly wed here in a couple of days! He is very dominant in our realationship but he told me that when we are married, he will not allow my bad behavior, or my rudeness towards him!

Good to hear and I wish you many years of happy marriage. DD marriages usually last very well, even get better as the years go by.

Long wooden spoons tend to break which isn't good. I found that bamboo spoons work very well and I never broke one yet. Only problem is they are pricey for a wooden spoon (like $10 or $15).