A Good Old Fashioned Spanking At The Hand Of Their Husband Is What Most Women Need

My husband and I have been married for just over 10 years. I was never spanked as a child but remember being threatened with spanking a couple of times. The treat was enough for me to moderate my behavior.

I am a glorious, enthusiastic woman, in some ways a of a handful. That is part of what my husband likes about me. I am the life an soul of a party. I enjoy laughing and am thought of as funny. I am quick witted and I do have a quick temper. I am enthusiastic in all things, arguments included. I lack self discipline.

My husband is kind, gentle, funny, and seems to adore me. I do drive him round the bend sometimes and I know it.

We'd been married about 9 months, we did not yet have any children and we lived in London. On the night my husband gave me my first ever spanking, I did not see it coming. I can't remember what we argued about. I was snappy. I like a dog with a bone, and just wouldn't let it rest, whatever it was! I could see him getting frustrated as I kept coming back at him, proving my point, complicating a pointless argument. I'm not sure what outcome I wanted or expected... I just wanted to be right as always, to have the last word even though I may not have been right at all.

While I was in mid flow, he yelled "Right..." and grabbed my wrist. He pulled me firmly behind him as he walked ahead towards the kitchen table. He sat heavily on a high backed chair and yanked me across his knee. Before I could really take it in he flicked up my skirt and pulled down my knickers, holding me firmly with his other arm across my back. He brought his hand down hard and fast on my bare bottom and I remember the shock... then again, this time it stung, then again, now it really smarted and I tried to protect my exposed bottom with my hand, but he grabbed my arm and pinned it down before bringing his hand down again and again and again. I was wriggling and squealing. "If you don't stay still I'll get a wooden spoon" he said, and again he brought his hand thundering down onto my bare bottom 5 or 6 more times.

After his final blow, he stood up, still holding my arm and pulling ,me up too.
"Good, well that shut you us didn't it" he said. I opened my mouth as if to restart the argument, but he stopped me, saying " Uhh! I wouldn't if I were you, unless you want another spanking. Now pull your pants up and go and have a shower." I didn't know what to say, so I obeyed him... probably for the first time in my life!

Well, what a revelation that was. The argument was over. He wasn't cross with me, and I felt amazing. my bottom was red and sore and I had a tear stained face but it was over now and I'd been stopped in my tracks, by the man who I loved. He'd overpowered me when I was in full flow and stopped a pointless and frustrating argument in it's tracks. I had not enjoyed the pain but found the memory of his determination to overpower me, the strength to physically restrain me, his lack of hesitation and his firmness in his objective, his determination to ignore my protests because of his confidence of my love and the knowledge that he loved me, made me feel a tidal wave of love and physical attraction for him greater than I'd ever felt!

After 10 years this is a wonderful element to our relationship. I rarely get a spanking, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I know he could, and he would spank me if he felt the need. That in itself is powerful.

Occasionally he'll say something, " I'll put you over my knee..." or " Your heading for a smacked bottom". That is usually enough to stop me in my tracks, blushing; but every so often, I get a spanking. One Valentines day I bought him a paddle. I'd never asked for a spanking, I think I just wanted to reassure him that this was OK with me. He has only used it once, about 2 years after i bought it... but I know it is there, and I know he might use it, and now I know how much it hurts. "I'll get the paddle down" is a very effective threat!

Furthermore, I don't think this is weird. I think for generations this was normal. Not beating, but the occasional spanking. Women fight with words and men get frustrated. Now and again they snap, and a smacked bottom seems like a logical and harmless way to express his frustration and exert his own opposition! I'm sure this is why women have rounder more spankable bottoms. For hundreds of years, men spanked their wives bottoms without it being hidden. It was in the mainstream movies all the time in before the 1970's and never thought of as sexy or kinky. Before that it was in drawings, cartoons and pamphlets - all mainstream. John Wayne, Cary Grant, Clark gable, Howard Keele, were always threatening or giving some leading lady or other a spanking. Spanking was in Musicals, in Plays, in books like gone with the wind.

Spanking itself usually has the added bonus that after the event, a woman finds the memory of it and the knowledge it could happen again tremendously arousing. I think this is by and large a biological norm and the fact we've denied it because it doesn't fit our feminist ideal doesn't make it less true! Most women are hard wired to seek out a strong man and a spanking reinforces the fact she's found one! You can be a barrister or a housewife, a banker or a teacher, a doctor or a waitress, if the man you love smacks your bottom, it makes you blush.

Men are not brighter than woman and no longer are they better educated or more worldly wise, but physically they are stronger and that is a natural fact of life. Is it so unnatural that when they show their strength, in a way that is not damaging to a grown woman, ( in case you need reassurance of this, remember that children were spanked on the bottom until very recently because a normal, firm spanking is not damaging - my God we even hit them with sticks and belts! Much more traumatic for a tiny, innocent child than a grown up woman surely ) that the woman find it somehow pleasing that her man has done this to her? That is why '50 shades of grey' is an international bestseller... not because of it's literary value, but because most women would benefit in many ways from the occasional good old fashioned spanking at the hand of the man they love, they know it and many want it but have been made to feel that they shouldn't.

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Very sweet story and you describe the emotion and dynamic perfectly!

I agree with the author. I cannot be with a man who won't spank me and it makes perfect sense that this is a way they are able to vent frustration when a Lady has a smart mouth (I often do). My ex started to use a hairbrush (he carried that thing to Europe with him and back and was quite upset when my backside broke the wood lmao!!!) He went for his belt and that's something I have a hard time. I find it very sexy when a man uses his hand, but that belt was a bit much. I guess that's why he's my "ex!"

Lovely. I am a very well educated wife to a man who punishes me when I am naughty and I not attracted to men who do not do that.

Thanks for sharing your experience in such a well written and thoughtful manner.

Well Written - and as you state, its that in times of stress and argument, the role becomes defined, and yet when done, it is not viewed as abuse, but caring, cleansing, and then comfort. A new respect that he cares enough about you to discipline, and man enough to do it. Bravo.

This is an intelligent response to something many women feel they cannot admit to any more. The fastest selling books of all time are the 50 shades trilogy, literary pap... but they make women blush with delight! To hear of a man who is a loving, funny husband who in your words "seems to adore" you, taking you across his knee when he feels frustrated and knotted in anger; not giving you a beating, or a sexy spanking, but, in your words "a good old fashioned spanking", makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!<br />
<br />
You are right, we used to beat innocent children with sticks and belts, so Yes I have no doubt that spanking a woman's bare bottom hard, with a had, wooden spoon or whatever, is NOT a beating, or abuse. That is because he loves you and you feel secure in his love. I can see it is more about the way men and women respond to tension. Women can often argue when even they don't want to anymore... getting stuck on details they don't even really care about, or sidetracked into other arguments, yesterdays argument. I can see that most men hate this. For them life is simpler and endless argument, raking over detail, is frustrating and un-fulfilling.<br />
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Women obviously find a strong man, a man who knows his own mind, and one prepared to take them on, deeply attractive. look at Christian Grey! and yes, in yesteryear look at taming of the shrew, gone with the wind, any number of John Wayne films, etc etc etc. It seems obvious!<br />
<br />
I hope men see this. I hope husbands read this and understand that if you love your wife and she is confident that you do, in a moment of argument, pulling her firmly and decisively across your knee and giving her a sound spanking now and again will probably stop that argument and may way leave your wife glowing (and not just her bottom).<br />
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I have been spanked by my husband (of 4 years) 3 times, and yes, occasionally he will threaten me with a quick trip across his knee if I'm being testy. It always makes me blush and more often than not makes me smile, a special secret smile. On those occasions I can't wait till bedtime and the argument that might have brewed is dispelled. <br />
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You should write a book. You might make millions. Those 50 shades books are dreadful on so many levels but she got a couple of key things just right and I think that is why she's made millions.... Christian Grey adores her, and when the threatens to give her or actually gives her a sore bottom, it makes her blush because she loves him too and when he reinforces what she finds attractive - his strength and his love of her - she is helpless... and so are countless women who read the books. warm Glows all round. BRILLIANT POST

This is one of the best stories I ever read here! You are absoloutely right in every point you made.