I was supposed to get storage cleaned out and bagged to donate or repacked. Well between Migraines I had not finished and ran out of time before my husband came home from his trip.

So when he went in at 11pm one night and began working on it I went off. Our adult daughter was there so while I made comments they went ignored by him.
She finally told me I was being disrespectful.

Then he came out and she asked him about her insurance card. (still on ours as well as her husbands due to the fact her pregnancy started on ours and then 2 weeks later his insurance went into effect on her)

I admitted I kept forgetting to take it in to her appointments. So he made her a copy of his. Which I then had to make comments about because I felt bad that it again was him doing what I had failed to do.

He took me out on the porch and talked to me about what my exact problem was. I admitted I was over the line. Thought for a bit realized why and apologized.

To make matters way worse the next morning I didn't get up and take my insulin and eat when the alarm went off. Big rule violation.

When the kids left the house, I found myself over his knee with my panties down. Then I had to explain exactly what I had done wrong and why I was getting a spanking.

He choose to use the Rattan Twisty Stick from Hades. After He hugged me for a long time and reminded me it was over no hanging on to the guilt. I felt very loved and cared for.
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I'm glad your husband took the time to correct your behavior and give you a punishment you needed as well as show you comfort after

Thank you

So is this some kind of foreplay spanking or do you actually get spankings for forgetting your insulin and insurance cards?

Not foreplay! Yes we ..well I had trouble early this year not taking my insulin (Lab tests A1c's showed I was messing up) and the other was for disrespect. For making snippy comments because I felt guilty for not having taken care of the problem before it was a problem.