Amitting When Im Wrong

today I when my husband gets off of work we are suppose to go see a friend I haven't seen in awhile. I haven't got to see them because of my behavior and attitude last time we meet. Here is the story when my husband and his friend got off of work they came to the appt. I was having a bad day. I knew I was in trouble when they walk in. I had my mom and her boyfriend at the appt. earlier that day. (My mom and her boyfriend is negative influences). But anyways, It not what I said but how I said it just my over all attitude and appearance. Because of that day I lost my cell phone got spanking and had to write an essay. well today is the day that I must apologize to our friend and show him that I learned my lesion and that kind of behavior wont happen again. If all goes well I will be able to talk to his wife again. I had to first show my husband that I am his good girl finally earned his trust and now I have the opportunity to make a wrong into a right
tammyestrada tammyestrada
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012