I Feel Loved...all The Time

My husband is the only person in my life who I have ever been able to fully trust. He is the single most loving, caring person I have ever met and he makes me happy every day. I told him this the other day because I wanted him to know how wonderful he is!

He is the dominant figure in our marriage and I am the submissive. He never, ever abuses that role and in fact takes care of me in the way I have always wanted and needed. I love following his lead and being his "little one", as he calls me.

The other day we were shopping at a toy shop and he bought a plug for my bottom. We both just looked at each other, smiled and Sir told me, "I think this would be good for you". You see, the previous day I had jokingly told him he needed a spanking, this after he told me I needed a spanking. I knew I was being naughty and knew he would spank me for it, but I always joke around and I say whatever I want. I laughed when I said it and he did the open mouthed "Oh!" that told me he was shocked. He told me right then, I was going to get my bottom tanned.

After buying the plug, we went home and ate supper, watched a movie, talked, and then he softly told me, "you need to get on all fours". I responded the way I always do: "Yes, Sir". I started to but then he told me to take all of my clothes off. While I was on my knees he attached the nipple clamps to my nipples and then told me to get on all fours. I did and that's when I felt my cheeks being separated and cold drops of lube.

Sir ran his finger up and down my crack and told me to just relax. I did and he eased the plug into my bottom. It felt very full down there but I felt myself melt into a puddle of submissiveness and felt prepared for my discipline.

He started out with his hand, hard spanks right off the bat, no warm up. He always makes me say what I have done wrong, during a discipline spanking. He asked me, "What did you say to me yesterday that you shouldn't have?" I repeated that I told him he needed a spanking. He asked, "Is telling your husband, your Master, that he needs a spanking, something that a submissive wife should do?". I told him no, of course not.
He continued to warm my bottom with his hand before stopping, and placing three things on the bed to my left: a flogger, a homemade loopy johnny, and a homemade paddle. Sir told me to choose the next implement for my punishment. I chose the paddle, because that loopy stings like hell.

Sir paddled me, hard, and then stopped to rub my bottom gently. He repeated that I was the one who gets spanked in this marriage, not him. I smiled to myself because I wouldn't want it any other way. He then picked up the loopy and spanked me with it. He knows how much it stings and uses it for every discipline spanking. Every once in a while he stopped and rubbed my bottom before picking up again; he knows that it hurts! He always soothes me during a discipline spanking and tells me how much he loves me because he takes care of my body and my spirit.

Sir finished with the flogger, hard at first and then slowly becoming softer and softer. The spanking was done.

After a punishment spanking I always thank him, either on my knees or another way. Sir removed the plug from my bottom and I showed him my gratitude for the care he shows me. Can you guess how?

loveddeeplyandspanked loveddeeplyandspanked
Dec 4, 2012