My Husband Started To Spank Me

I was spanked by my parents while growing up, and sometimes too severely, but spanking is something I have found that I need in my life to keep me in check. Why I need them and why I generally like them, I don't know. As long as I've been with my husband, even before we got married, I've wanted to ask him to spank me, but had no idea how. I was afraid of how he would react to such a request, especially one that was more about domestic discipline rather than just sexual spanking. However, I finally explained to him what I need in the past few months, and I wish I had said something years earlier. . .he has adapted pretty quickly, and I feel this has benefited both of us in many ways!

Recently I've felt guilty about not being fair to someone in my family. I stopped talking to the person for two years, and the more I thought about it, the more I felt I had been well, a *****. It's something that I felt I needed to be punished for because I kept beating myself up about it in my head even after I resolved the issue. Rather than confront the person with the issues and give them a chance to hear their side of the story, I dropped off the face of the earth for two years and didn't even respond to any phone calls. The person still asked how I was doing to other family members though, and when I thought about why I wasn't talking to the person, I eventually figured out I was wrong. Yet, I felt bad for punishing them for two years, especially when they more than happily reconciled with me. I couldn't shake the feeling, so I eventually talked to my husband about it and told him how badly I felt I screwed up as well as how guilty I felt. I punished someone for no reason, which was unfair, and so I felt that I should be punished for it. I told him that I felt I should have a thorough spanking for what I had done so that I wouldn't forget the next time I have an issue with someone and wouldn't jump to such extreme measures so suddenly.

My husband agreed to give me a spanking, but he wasn't able to do it at the time because he was getting ready to go out. He told me that he would spank me when he got home in about an hour though, and I agreed. Of course as I waited at home during that hour, memories of the anticipation of a spanking when I was younger came back. In one way I dreaded it, but in another I knew it was right. I knew that I deserved the spanking. The hour went by both quickly and painstakingly slow all at the same time until I finally heard my husband's car pull into the driveway outside, and then the door shut a minute or so later. Now my heart was beating faster because I knew I'd have a pretty sore bottom soon, and I promised never to change my mind about a spanking. He knew not to listen to my pleas to get out of a spanking because that would defeat the purpose of domestic discipline.

After my husband had a chance to come inside, he found me and told me to go get the paddle and bring it into the living room for my spanking. When I returned with the implement in my hand, he laid it down on the couch next to him and told me to pull my pants and panties down and get over his knees. I listened and did as I was told, and before he started spanking me, he scolded me for a few minutes about how I had treated my family member and how inappropriate my behavior was as well as explaining to me what is expected in the future. Then he told me that there was going to be no time limit or number of spanks for this spanking, and that because I had asked for a thorough one, he was going to spank until he felt that I had enough and learned my lesson. I agreed and stayed compliant over his knees waiting for the first spank.

A few seconds later, I felt my husband's hand come down very hard on my upturned bare bottom, and I kicked my legs in reaction to it. My husband then placed a firm hand on the small of my back and continued to spank my bottom just as hard with each spank in a moderate, steady pace. Each spank hurt and it wasn't long before my bottom began really feeling the painful accumulation of the spanking so far. Every once in a while, my husband held me even tighter and leaned in to block my hands from being able to cover my bottom, and gave me ten very quick, hard spanks as rapid as machine-gunfire. By this time I had already started screaming and crying from my spanking, but I knew plenty more was on the way. Spank after spank landed on my bottom, and I could hear each one crack through the air. Earlier on, my husband blocked my legs from being able to kick by placing one of his legs over the back of mine to hold them in place. I had no choice but to take the spanking that I had asked for, knowing that I deserved each and every one of them.

After about ten minutes of my spanking my husband paused for a moment, and I tried catching me breath between my tears. WHAM!! I felt the first smack of the paddle land on my bottom, and I screamed out in pain. I had begged for my husband to stop off and on during the spanking, promising I'd be good and wouldn't repeat what I had done in the future, and now I had renewed those pleas only for them to be ignored. He told me that if he stopped my spanking when I asked for him to, that would send the wrong message to me and I wouldn't have learned my lesson. He said that in order for me to learn my lesson, I can't be in control of my punishment. He was right, of course, but that didn't stop me from trying.

My husband continued spanking me hard with the paddle in the same steady pace he had with his hands minutes earlier, and he also continued his rapid machine-gunfire-like periods of spanks in various times as well. Those really had me screaming and crying, but he kept spanking me for a couple of more minutes before he laid the paddle down on the couch cushion beside him again and rest for a moment. Next, my husband told me to bend over the arm of the couch and stay there. While many people have to go to the corner after a spanking, my husband likes to make me to stay bend over with my bottom raised high to continue to make me feel vulnerable, and unable to predict whether there will be any spontaneous spanks. I did as I was told and just stayed in position. My husband got up and went to the kitchen for a drink of water before returning to the living room to give me a few more hard spanks with his hand before walking off again while I remained in place. I was still crying, but I also still knew that I deserved this spanking, and I had no regrets asking for it even though my bottom would be burning for days. At least I wouldn't have to carry the guilt around any longer.

Before my spanking was over, my husband had returned to me a few times and spanked me with his hand or the paddle, the last time he returned being a long machine gunfire session of spanks that made me kick and cry, and promise to be good from now on. With that, my husband told me that my spanking was over, and left. I don't feel that my spanking was too severe though because I asked for a very thorough spanking to begin with. I got what I had asked for, and it took several days for the full effect of that spanking to wear off.
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It's good u asked for that spanking. U were stubborn and u deserved it. Imagine the embarrassment if he wuld have made u apologize to that person and make u tell them the paddling u got for ur behavior. Whoa. Sometimes I wish I could tell people I got punished. Ur not alone, I've asked for punishments before and always get scared at the last minute but when I'm crying with my *** throbbin, I'm gratefull for it.

Very nice