Wheel Chair

I have a special made wheelchair from VA. It is really nice , however using it means I am getting worse not better.
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at least you have a special made chair my chair was literally falling apart which was making me wreck a lot i could not even walk my dogs sometimes it was quicker for me to scoot places if you think you will never get better you wont have a better outlook on life there is always someone out there worst off than you this site proves thst to me everytime i log on

Your point? Most of us in w/c are not going to get out of them unless we have to be bedridden. and that my friend is where I draw the line! Yeah, it sucks. I do the best I can. <br />
I make beaded JEWELS. and I want to give them to the world around me. People are scared of us. Have you noticed? I would love to hear from you. Maggs

i have written some new stuff on i am a paraplegic

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Mine is being stored at my daughters now..