I am in a wheel chair but not because I am paralyzed. I have severe osteoporosis and a foot disorder that causes me to fall, so my Dr. deemed it necessary for me to be in a wheel chair so that I do not fall and break a bone. I only weigh 87 pounds and have a very small stature. The doctors cannot figure out what is causing the problems with my feet. I have the most excruciating spasms in my feet that they leave me screaming in pain. My feet go in all different directions such as side ways and bent down. During my spasms my big toes pull straight up so tight that the tendon that runs up the front up my leg stands up and pulls so tight that my calf muscle rolls up into a ball to keep it from tearing. These spasms usually occur in both feet at practically the same time. Muscle relaxers do not help at all. I have had so many tests that I can no longer remember all of them. They say I have a mass between my spine and the vertebrae that protects it. They do not know what the mass is and i am having a hard time finding a neurosurgeon that can figure it out. I feel so helpless. I am stuck in my house because I do not have a wheel chair ramp nor a banister to hang onto in order to descend the stairs if I wanted to try and walk down the steps. I feel so trapped.
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Hi hope this e mail finds u in good spirit .my names jules.i understand how u feel i use a wheelchir due to osteoporosis .fybromyalgia .psoriatic. arthritis and dam pain 24/7 .i too get really bad foot spasms and in my hands and back too .hope we can keep in touch .anyone else want to chat .kind regards jules xx