New Here And Learning More

Hello--I have been enjoying reading your experiences and have been doing public
relations and working with a woman in a wheelchair who has a service dog that
aids her in daily living. It is striking to me how simple tasks are challenging and
she says it has become increasingly difficult over the years with her day to day life.
One of the things she has used is an indoor dog potty called The Pet Loo,
She says she used to take be able to get out for long walks with her service dog
but it has gotten more difficult and this product has truly helped her be able to
keep her dog rather than find another home for him. We do the public relations
for them but I thought you all might want to know more since she told us it has
been so helpful to her. She's in California. I feel blessed and lucky to have
been working with her and on this campaign because it could help a lot of people.
audreystrong audreystrong
Apr 17, 2012