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hello my name is kawtar and i'm 16 years old and i'm new here so i want to share something of me , i can't walk since birth actually it's not a problem for me to be in the wheelchair because i know that i live my life like enybody else even if there is some missing pieces and of course no body have a perfect life , i really want to live a adventure in my life but this is a adventure too and an experience and it's make me know life better , and i'm happy to found this place to talk with friends who have a diffrent experiences and share our feelings ^^
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You are truly a good person. I have been in my wheelchair for 13 yrs. Had an accident at the railroad and lost both legs above the knees. I was 50. 3 things to keep in mind. This is not for eternity, you will walk, you have friends and family, and there are billions of people out there that are worse off.
This is not the end of life there are many things we can still do. You do have a great attitude and that is going to not only help you, but everyone around you. Take care and God bless.

A 9th grader from my school responded . . .
Hello Kawtar,
My name is K.I. I recently broke my leg. I have asperger's syndrome and bi-polar. I got it when I was 2 years old. When my grandpa passed away I was diagnosed with both symptoms. For almost my entire life I have been angry and frustrated, but last year I overcame my frustration. My mom and I have learned to deal with my anger. Like you said in your letter you really want to have an adventure. I hope this helps. By the way I am 15 years old.
From K.I.

Sorry to hear that you broke your leg =) but like you know averything happens for a reason and im happy to know that you deal with your anger , and i hope we can be friends here :) . thanks for your comment

Thanks for replying! I will show the student!

Hey u r just a brave girl ! i salute u! :)

Thank u Kaber =)

Kawtar where are you from . Your name sounds like you are from india

Noo im from morocco ^^

Great story! I'm in a wheelchair too. Please stay positive because you can do anything never let your disabilities or anything else slow you down.

WOW the comments on here are so inspiring, I deal with an illness, I am not in a wheelchair, but I love the positivity and it really is nice to see that you can stay positive when the obstacles mount against you. We can all learn alot from people such as who are commenting on this thread. Thankyou.

i found this and i was moved by it am in a wheelchair too i have not had it has bad as you i used to walk you seem to love your self here i was thinking my life is bad then i find this you must go everyday with a smile on your face and i bet sometimes its hard.<br />
btw am 20

You must have awesome parents for you to be so positive. Never change. I am certain that you have researched others with so called disabilities that have gone farther than the average person. Sometimes a so called disability turns out to be a blessing and gives one a far more adventful life than those who take their health for granted. I believe you are well on your way to being someone who will contribute much to our world. All the best.

I am glad you can have a good out look on life cause too many times people in this position give up on life ,you are a insperation to others and glad to hear from you.

Dear new friend or i can say gentleman , in our life there is people May not share their long sessions or a long conversations but enough from them just words to feel that you know them for along time and the good thing in this life that they can make you smile , i really i appreciate your comment , and thank you for being a good person ^^