Cerebral Palsy

I have severe spastic CP because I was born premature and suffered brain damage.  I use a manual chair.

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I have a friend who is 13 years old and has CP. She is extremely talented musically and so bright I feel like she is my teacher at age 24. Anyway, I'm trying to get her connected with someone who she can relate to. Is this website a good starting place for someone that age? If not, does anyone have any recommendations as to where to connect with adolecents with CP? Thanks...sorry if this didn't post where it should've...I'm not the best with technology. Thanks much. <br />

realy bad to be traped in a body that does not work,<br />
i know i have 2 others with cp that live with me andi have worked hard over the years to give them a life from others that live in group homes or other places, even to the point of teaching one how to dive<br />
<br />
fun he could not drive a power chair but could go under water and just float and look at different things