Manual Wc Use In Rain...?

I have been using a manual wc for several years now. I do not drive. I find it extremely difficult during our long rainy seasons to get out and about. First, living on a slight hill even getting to the bus my hands slip on the slick tires even wtih grippy waterproof gloves. I lose control.
Then there is clothing. My sleeves get ridiculously grimy, muddy, oily so I am a mess by the time I get to my destination. My lap gets soaked. If I wear rainpants, I am stifling hot at destination or have to carry a duffel bag to put rain jacket and pants into. It's a nuisance and sometimes it seems easier to stay in. But I have depression which is not helped by isolating myself.
I have been trying to problem solve for years with little luck. Does anyone relate or have suggestions? A prosthetic is only a dream at this point...
Leliza Leliza
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

i got powerwheel