In A Wheelchair New Paraplegic

having a hard time dealing with this need someone to talk to that knows how I fell.
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It's a long journey to fully accept things will be different. Take it easy, always keep hope but expect changes in your near future and most importantly don't get frustrated or stay alone.

Everything will be okay. Figure out how it all works, and then it's all just living from there. Even though what put you in a wheelchair may have been painful, you have the right to be proud and happy as you are.

You need to focus on the positive things in your life on what you can do and achieve not what you cant .I have been in a chair for 9 years and one thing that I have had to learn is patience and to think outside the square .Might take a while to get there sometimes but it will happen.You are a survivour

Hi sorry I haven't been in touch, talk about ironic, I am in the hospital, been here since Thursday night, with a serious bladder infection. I'm waiting to talk to he doctor to see if I can go home today...

Well I am right there with you as I just hit my 12th year on 10/21/2012 so it goes up and down all the time! For awhile you feel great things are fine then BAM you get a UTI infection or ****/**** your pants and you then want to blow your head off!. So you try to roll at a even keel and do not let the small stuff get you down and keep on trucking! Let me know if you need any advice.

Write me anytime, I've In a paraplegic for four years now. Maybe I can answer your questions, Or be a support for you. I know how you must feel sometimes.