Question About Para Walking

I’d really like to learn if anyone has had any experience, personally or through friends, with walking with braces.

This summer I met a para like myself, in good shape, thin, petite with good arm muscles. She was able to walk with braces for some distance, though she used a chair for long distances.

She was able to get up by herself without help because the braces locked with gravity, and when she sat down, she was able to unlock one knee and then sit and unlock the other.

It was kind of exciting for me to see this.

I have tried to use braces in the past and failed because of an unrelated physical problem, which would require some elective surgery to correct,

So the project would be a major one in terms of time, pain and energy and may well not be worth it.

I tell myself that I am the same person I was when I could walk,. But---you know-- the thought of standing up straight and proud is a rather overpowering one.

I’d appreciate any ideas at all.

Martha1982 Martha1982
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Hello Martha, I am a T11 and walking with braces has changed my perspective and hope to ever walk again (even with help or device). It's really hard in the beginning to get used to them, but one thing we (paraplegic) have learned is to be patient.

Please let me know if you need more details


Hey Martha,

Alex here, i am a t9-t11 asia A. I'd like to share my experience with walking braces which was great. It was the beginning of a positive and promising outlook to having an eye to eye conversation. I recommend always having a walker with you and a spotter for the first couple of days. Is liberating in the fact that there is now another option for us to be mobile. Although I don't exactly feel the blood flowing through my legs, the body knows the sensation (;

Good Luck!!


I found it easier to stay in a wheelchair, back in 1950, because walking with iron braces where a problem while standing up and I could not carry thinks or keep up with people. Setting go many jobs done so here I sit today in a wheelchair.I saw a man in braces and also spasms while walking. I advised him it is best to sit instead of falling a lot, which he did. do make choices available.