its getting harder each day and I find myself becoming depressed. I was diagnosed with md at 14 im 18 now and im slowly growing weaker. I just dont know how to cope with this when my friends are partying and im alone on a Saturday night. I miss being independent. idk what to do. why would a guy date me when there are perfectly normal girls out there. why am I even here???
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It does not sound like you are getting depressed, it sounds like you are depressed! It's easy to be when life doesn't go the way we planned. Have you ever heard the saying, "if you want to make God laugh, tell him what your plans are"? It may sound mean, that's not how i meant it, it's supposed to put things in perspective. I don't know if you believe in God, i do and i believe he has a plan for all of us. Am i happy with his plan for me right now...not at all, and i can se e why you wouldn't be either. I think the reason why we're here is to learn what we can during this lifetime, maybe learn to appreciate things we wouldn't have without our physical trials? I don't pretend to have things all figured out...the reason i'm on this site is because i'm looking to gain some support and perspective myself. When i read your story the mom in me wanted to reach out to you...let you know that you're loved regardless of your physical condition and that there is a reason for you to be here, there's a reason why we're all here, we may not know why now...why we are the way we are...but we will eventually and we will all be made whole then. The hard part is finding the character that some of the members on this sitehave expressed and find the good in each day. I'm new here, and it's been a long time since this was posted but i hope you have been able to find comfort and i pray for all of us, that we can be as strong as we need to, until God gives us rest. my best to you!

For friendship there are 100000000 men. Since men have MD too, narrival it down to 10 Percent. Which mean be friends first and men will follow you. Follow the advise of BSHAFFER and let us know in 6 month the progress.

Same thing happened to my friend. Best advice...
1) About the want a guy who has a good character- that he cares about who you are and all you have to give- that will enjoy you humor and your personality. A guy that will really get to know you. Most people aren't too interested in that kind of relationship....but they do exist! Where would you find a person with very high morals? Where would you find a person that is kind and caring? Look there for a special friend. Maybe church? Maybe a youth group at church? Maybe a place where students volunteer, like a food pantry or dog pound. Maybe ask God to help you? Be hopeful, this kind of guy is rare- but they do exist!
2) About why you are here.... remember, I've already been through this exact question with my friend. It's very tough to look around and compare your life to others...they seem so carefree. It is totally not fair- let's get that on the table right now. Well, I can tell you what my friend did, maybe that would help, since she was "in your shoes". She refused to be bound by her chair and the weakness of her body. She found things she was good at that did not depend on either of these things. She learned how to become really good on the computer. She used her singing voice. She volunteered with students with developmental disabilities. She learned how to make jewelry and she sold it at craft fairs and online on Etsy. She became a pen pal to kids overseas that didn't even have a chair, but needed one. She wrote encouraging letters, poems, sent pictures. She helped raise money to buy some chairs through World Vision. On their site you can see how to give to children who need things like chairs. These things helped her see her life could make a difference, she could help others, she could be proud of what she was doing. She also started praying and went to youth group. She learned how important she was to God and how much she was loved. She found a whole group of people there that came to love her and support her. It didn't happen at first. You know how most people are...they see the chair- not you- and they back away. But, she kept going- she got active in things. Over time people quit seeing the chair and just saw her- and they really, really liked her.
I hope this helps a little. :)

I dont think you should b depressed at all you shouldnt look at it as men not wanting you I think you just need to put yourself out there more