My Wheels

I igot my first set of wheels when I was very little. I think 4 years old. It's a part of me, who I am. When I look in the mirror I don't notice the wheelchair. I think that's funny because it's the first thing everyone else notices. The only time I actually think about my chair is when it becomes inconvienant(like stairs or a narrow doorway). Maybe its just me but I constantly feel like I have to prove that I'm"normal" to everyone I meet. I want to start dating again and meet that someome special but its hard when all they see is a hunk of metal.

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A senior from my school responded . . .
You are awesome for what you do! I think you are a real man for what you do. I live in Ohio where rock on the range is every year and there is a man in a wheelchair that goes to it. He gets in the pit and everything! He is amazing with what he does and you can do it too! Don't worry, one day you will find a man who will love you for yourself. Never back down from anything you want.
From J. M.

I know, sometimes it sucks having wheels. (Especially for a 14 year old who's school doesn't have ramps or elevators or large halls.) but your not your Wheels, your wheels are just part of life.

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Well ... that's not difficult ... just try getting to know people who are like (that is on wheelchair too) .... than you will be surprise you will find lots of things alike to share!

I have only been in a chair for four years now (t-5 para), but the best advice I could give is that you may not notice it and it may be a part of you... so let it be. Instead of getting people to just see you and not the wheelchair get them to see you and the wheelchair. I dont know what your condition is but for me I take who I am and use the wheelchair to make people laugh or smile. Get someone to smile and your more than half way there.

There are thousands of people with disabilities in California and understand your feeling.<br />
Keep socializing and networking, you will meet the someone in shining armor, or wheelchair. I joined several club just to meet and befriend lots of people. so I guess the thing to do is be friend to yourself and people will follow. I also dress for the occasion and look proper at all time, just so NORMAL people will accept me, and women I connect with.

lol i feel the same way you do and ive been in a chair since i was 4yrs old too. keep rollin, im sure youll get to where you wanna go

You sound pretty cool and down to earth, you're normal. Everyone should see you for you! It shouldn't be hard for an awesome person like you to get a REAL person with a good heart that will see you for you!

This is a great place to share, and I hope it leads to positive things in your life! My experience regarding wheels is that my dad got to where he needed one, so I bought him one and it wasn't too sturdy, so I had to call all over creation to try to find out how to make it right, and it never did occur; but his HMO covered his getting a (used) replacement, so at least he could get around without having to wait. <br />
<br />
There are so many people in this world who are using wheels, or who have some "challenge", and more all the time. Personally, I was raised not to see superficial differences as being limiting, and I hope that more people not only can think this way, but will teach their kids this way. <br />
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Best to you!