I Am In a Wheelchair

I fell about a month ago and have spinal stenosis now, I have improved a little as I can feel my legs now and move them when I am sitting up but am still unable to walk. I have very painful muscle spasms in my lower back that nothing seems to help. If I try to stand on my feet I feel as if I am standing on a bed of nails and sharp pains radiate up my legs into my lower back. I don't know now if I will ever be able to walk again or not. When I left the hospital the neurologist told me that with intense therapy I would see improvement in 3 to 6 months, but I have no insurance and no way of paying for therapy as I am unable to work now so I don't know if it will get better on it's own or not. All I can do is hope and pray that things will work out for me.

lilmeme lilmeme
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Hi I'd like to help u

lilmeme, are you still out there? These sites are soooooooo old. if you say yes. I will respond. ladymaggs

i know how that feels that you need all sorts of medical help and know that there are people out rhere that can help [maybe not completely] but witout the money to pay for the treatments and so forth it isn't easy [ even with insurance that's not much help either because of all the stinking co-pays - needing the referrals and needing to ask the insurance for permission to get certain treatments is such a bummer that sometimes you wonder why even bother