A Part of Me - Not All of Me

I use a manual wheelchair every day, always have, always will. I see it as a part of who I am but only a part, it doesn't define who I am. Being an optimist I see the situation in terms of things like hey at least I don't get tired from standing up all day, I get to use special entrances to certain places, I'm never stuck for a seat when in a crowd and everyone else has to stand up.

I guess it just depends on your perspective and attitude.
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A 9th grader from my school responded . . .
Dear young lady,
I do know what it feels like to be in a wheelchair. I did have a great grandma who died in January who was in a wheelchair. I hlped her every day until she died. I had a grandpa who looked after her a lot. When he wasn't around I looked aftr her. When she died I cried a lot. So I know how you feel and what it is like to be in a wheelchair. And you are not alone. There's hundeds, even thousands, of people in a wheelchair. So stay strong and don't give up hope. Hope is always there when you need it. It is apart of all of us. I had been hurt in a lot of places like my back. When my back went out I had to be in a wheelchair. Everyone laughed and made fun f me. But after that I know what other people in wheelchairs felt. But now I take care of people in wheelchairs. Because it is important to look after them. So be strong and take care.
From A. S.

I agree with you! Plus, us 'wheelers' are the first on and off on airplanes. We also tend to be more problem solvers since have to adapt to situations that others don't even think about. Keep the positive attitude!

And I like ( no LOVE) your attitude!

It's true. I think of being in this chair as an oppertunity to be an inspiration for others.<br />
Not something that has ever bothered me, really though.<br />
<br />
I do take advantage of stuff sometimes though...

That is the way to live!!! Good attitude!!! I have been in a chair my whole liefe, and im still able to drive, graduated from high school and college and now own my own businees working from home!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
If anyone ever need support or need someone to listen to and talk to about stuff, message me anytime!!!<br />
<br />

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Please know that being in a wheelchair and positive about it is attractive and can be a thing of beauty for many people. Great for your attitude and that in itself is attractive. Please know that your life will be fuller than most people who count themselves as able, just because of your great attitude, be blessed !

Way to go!! Good for you to not let your disability define who you are. You just keep on rollin' :)