Sober And Loving It!

I started trying to get sober in 1995 after a not so gentle push from some friends. I went to a treatment center in Atlanta and left after 5 weeks. I felt it wasn't where I needed to be. When I came home and discussed with My Friends, I left about a month later for Hazelden in Minnesota and spent a cold January there. it was my first real experience with AA. I came home, went back to work, attended some AA meetings, and eventually started drinking again. Maybe not so much at first, but it progressed. I eventually went to another treatment center in Topeka, Kansas. I spent 8 weeks there and met some actually crazy people there and some very nice folks, as well. I again came home, went back to work and eventually started drinking again. The same old story by now. In 1993, i went to a now  fourth facility in Atlanta ( not the same as the first one) and I stayed there 4 months. i came home, went back to work and, almost immediately started drinking again. This lasted about 6 months. I made the decision, or maybe it was made for me, to stop everything including work and concentrate on my drinking problem. I was, by now well aware, that something had to be done or I was going to die. So I did the only thing i knew to do and that was to stop the alcohol and get to a AA meeting. I went almost everyday for a year and developed some sincere friendships with other sober people. That was in October of 2003 and I haven't had a drink since. i still attend AA meetings regularly. Two or three times a week. I have some good friends who are sober and some who are still trying to get sober. That seems to keep me sober.  That and my relationship with a Power greater than myself. I'm back at work and having more fun than I ever did drinking. There have been a lot of changes in my life. I moved to new part on the state. I built a house while I wasn't working. i live on a small farm in Texas. Things are good and love my job, but I  know I'm only a drink away from wrecking my new life.So, i'm just going to keep doing what I''m doing.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

Wow good story I know I have also been on the roller coaster to stop drinking. Its hard when alcoholism is in your family. They say you can pick your friends but you cant pick your family. What got me sober I was diagnoised with cirrhosis of the liver Aug 17, 2010 and have been sober now 1 yr and 20 days. I look back I wish I would of listen to the people who cared. But all I can do is look forward and live one day at time. So be proud of yourself and stay sober ,I wouldnt want anyone to get this its been no fun. Take Care!