I am 25 years old with what seems to be a history of abusive relationships. My prior boyfriend was terrible- physically and emotionally abusive, it finally ended when he started seeing someone else and left me. My current boyfriend is great. However there are serious issues, he really has a good heart and is honest, tells me he loves me, stands up for me, ect. But he has a bad temper. He calls me ***** when he is upset - he tells me he is saying "YOU'RE ACTING Like a *****" not "you are a *****" I dont see the difference. If I were to call him a ***** he would leave me. If I stand up for myself he tells me he's going to go to his parents home and sty there and not come back. He also has a drug problem, I know I enable him by telling him I love him no matter what, that I'm here to support him in his battle to getting clean, but he just asks me for $. About 4 weeks ago he went on a binge and he was wanting to go out at 3 am and I was asking him to stay getting emotional and he hit me in the face me told me to leave him the **** alone. I tried to speak with him about it and I was met with "I don't remember that" as well as "don't bing this up again and try to guilt trip me I'm sorry" so I don't bring it up anymore but I'm still hurting from it, he then becomes upset with me when I tell him I'm still hurting and then he yells at me. He is lso currently unemployed and gets upset and raises his voice if/when i ask him if we can surf craigslist or if he has followed up on any possible jobleads. and he threatens yet again to leave me and that i dont believe in him and that he's "sick of me" he currently stays ag my house 24/7 and its a battle to het him o wash the dishes or do any kind of housework to help me out. i work 12 hr days and i make cook dinner- just would like a clean kitchen to cook dinner- he promises to do it and 2,3,4 days go by and i ask which i feel like i am nagging, he gets pissed yells and eventually i end up doing the dishes. i feel myself becoming more and more complacent and not caring. I feel too sad to care anymore. What step do I take now? I want to try and work it out? Is it worth it? Help.
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Co-dependent No More by Melody Beatty. you should read this book.

Thank you for the suggestion I will definitely pick it up

You need him to get out for your safety. Tell him when is clean, has a job and has got his self together then maybe ya'll could work on a relationship. All he is doing is breaking you down. Talk to your family or friends, get help and save yourself.

and you are still in this relationship ?u need to get help fast or u gonna have kids and find it harder to go,sorry i dint read the full story coz i got bored but trust me i definitely know u love ur boyfriend more than u love urself ,think of it this way if u were to have a daughter of ur bring this kinda guy home would u approve?

I apologize for boring you