I Never Knew Love Was This Much Fun.

I am 48 years old, my husband is 21...and i didnt know love could be this fun and full of joy..I have no complaints..our life is sweet and full of joy and very basic..its not about anything else but compatibility..we compliment each other ..we get along..and although physically we rock each others world..its not about that..it just works..for us.I find that alot of people have a hard time with it..and we cope with it with as much grace as possible..we live a quiet normal life , put our pants on one leg at a time just like most folks. :) I love this guy..and im loved like ive never been loved before..the same way I love him..with abandon, and isnt that how love is supposed to be? isnt it supposed you knock you off your feet ? Well..when I met my husband..thats just what happened..
rjwright rjwright
46-50, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I was so happy reading your story. I just got married to a 18 year younger man and been thinking a lot of the age gap. Its so nice to hear about others happiness in similar situation.