A Whole Bunch Of Time

I met my wife where we work. She in the front office, and I in the service dept. I would have contact with her through the equipment we rented. At first the relationship was no relationship at all, in fact we didn't get along at all.
One night I was alone, and out on the town. Across the dance floor comes this angel thru the smoke, says hi to me, and that was it. I wouldn't say it was a match made in heaven, but through the years we've grown so close to each other, that I believe she'll keep me. That was 28 years ago.
A new record for me, and a first marrige for my wife. We have a 27 year old son, married, and lives in the next state.
It hasn't been all wine and cheese, in fact we've shared some pretty rot gut wine. The ninteen plus years we've proven that it doesn't matter how old U are, it matters whats in your heart.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

That's amazing! How many years apart?