28 Year Gap

And we couldn't be back happier. Found this picture of our wedding day and I wanted to share it.

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2013

Im in a 28 yr age gap and its a nightmare. Im female he is male. Im from the states, he is from Africa. All he said for a yr and half how age was not an issue, children was not an issue. Now he hates me that I spent all my money for him to get here. He is disrespectful, even hateful. There is no respect. He is leaving me broke after I supported him all this time to build his career with the promise to love me like I love him. I would never suggest an age difference no matter what they tell you. Its all lies. He hurts me everyday even some pushing. This guy was a master player.

My hubby and I have a 30 years age gap and have been married for 12 years. Congrats you guys!!

Thanks for sharing :-) We are also 28 years apart. Perhaps I should share a photo too. Congratulations on finding love!