20 Years Difference

Me and my wife have 20 years difference i age between us. It was some problem for her in the beginning because of her parents. After they met me a couple of times they felt ok with me.

I guess it is more people around you who have problem with age gaps.


tse tse
56-60, M
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

I can relate to your situation because I have been in it a few times. Age has never been an issue with me. i have dated women much older than me and women much younger. Funny how it always seems to be somebody that has no real right to make a judgement on it is the ones who do. Its always a friend or a brother or parent that seems to have a problem till as you say meets you a few times. As true as it may be that whole concept to me is assinine! Of course they are gonna have a problem with you until they meet you a few times. what does age have to do with that? I wish it was possible for people not to make judgements about anybody elses situation until they took the time to get to know me. Hell i was a good guy when I was 20 and i'm still a good guy at 53! Just ask me I'll tell you. Actually I have no preference on age as long as I'm not gonna have to spend time in jail to love them! So here I am girls have at it! lol!