9 Years

My hubby is nine years older than me. It isn't a very big gap, but it was enough to get plenty of negative reactions from his friends and family when they heard that he wanted to date me. My family were very accepting because my grandparents had a big age gap. It was also enough to get funny looks as we walked down the street and to overhear discussions about how we could be related because we couldn't possibly be 'together'.

The only time I notice the age gap is through the larger number of experiences he has had in his life. Though those occasions are rare because, although I am young, I do have some wisdom in me and (in his words) know automatically how a relationship is supposed to work without having much experience of it. He has dated older women who have not been the best partners.

There are a lot of prejudices out there about age-gap relationships and the people involved, but I always tell people we are with each other because we love each other and not because of how old the other is.

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I get the same public reactions because my husband is a good bit older than me. I think it's rude of people to make judgments on us while they cheer on Hollywood stars who very often have HUGE age-gap marriages. Clint Eastwood, Billy Joel, etc. But I wonder if folks even know that.<br />
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True love is the key and it sounds like you guys are really connected. We're all here for only a short time anyway. Live life!