16 Years Difference Doesn't Feel That Different

My boyfriend and I are 16 years apart (I'm 26, he's 42), but I don't notice it at all. I've dated a lot of men from all different age ranges, and I can honestly say I've never really noticed a difference. Maturity wise, they're pretty much all the same...the chronological age has never made a difference in their maturity level (I'm only speaking for the ones I've dated). Personality, sense of humor, various life experiences, natural chemistry, respect for one another, etc... Those are all the things that have played a major roll in my past relationships. The phrase, "Age is just number" has always been true. I'm so glad I never listened to what the general public or my parent's had to say regarding love and age. This is my life. It's what I make of it. I choose love. I choose him.
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2011

Hi. i love what you have wrote here.. i am 24 and have recently started seing a 40 year old, i knew him prior to getting involved with him, as i always had a spark for him. i have been with older men before, and have always been drawn to older men, i also had a 6 year relationship with a man only 6 years older than me, and can honestly say as much as i loved him, he didnt give me the affection or attention i muchly crave. but the man i am seing now, is truly amazing in every thing he says and does, its really early days for us, and im getting some bad feedback from my mum who is really against the idea because she feels i will regret it in the future, but i am seriously enjoying my time with him and cant stop, i am taking each day as it comes, ive had two of my very good friends tell me to go for it and they are truly happy for me, they havent seen me smile like i am for so long, so surley thats a good sign. :-)

I love your story too! It is very inspirational to me. I am in a commited relationship with an older man and it is helpful to know others are making it work. We are both very happy. Thank you and best wishes.

I love your story! It gives me hope about my relationship that i have recently started. I love how confident you are about your relationship and that's what will make the relationship last! not only the love, and passion you guys share for one another. I can truly tell that you are extremely happy :)

Thank you so much! It means a lot to know someone else read what I shared. What's your story?