I'm 23 And He Is 42

I have never been in love like this for all of my life.Yes I can say I'm still young and haven't met enough guys. But people around me who shared their love stories, the past relationships that I had, makes me very confident that what i have is real love and I'm in a genuine relationship. I met the guy online through a dating site. He is from New Zealand and I'm from Philippines. We decided to meet personally after 5 months of chatting. We immediately get along, shared fun times, shared goals, and dreams. My family likes him a lot. They can see and feel that the guy truly cares for me. Also, additional factor is that he has a stable job compared to any guy I had met and will going to meet here in my own country. Undeniably, he also got the looks which is younger than the age he has. He met 2 of my friends, and other friends of mine has seen him in facebook. I don't see any problems of introducing him to my younger friends since he is also funny and easy to be with. My worry is his friends. A lot of them are in 40ish and above, also have different culture to me. His family already saw me online and understand that I were loved by their son. They are very supportive to what my bf likes. Do you think this relationship will work? We are also planning to settle down and I will move to New Zealand in time.
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Good luck to the two of you. Any kind of relationship is difficult. But you're dealing with a bunch of other factors: distance, age, and cultural differences. That compounds things. I think one of the difficult things about long distance relationships where you haven't really had a chance to be with one another is you often only show your "good" side. Short visits are nice, but still, you don't really get to "see" what the other person is like. It's not until you have your first disagreement, your first fight, you learn their bad habits and find their pet peeves that you begin to build the deeper feelings that true love is ba<x>sed on.<br />
Focus on the positive and work hard to continue to get to know one another. He seems like a nice guy, and well, we already know what a special young lady you are. Can it work? Of course it can! Will it be easy? No, but if you're both willing to work at it, then it will all pay off in the near future. Good luck and no that no matter what happens, meeting him was a good thing. Take care, Beautiful!