20 Year Old ♥ 15 Year Old

So, I'm 19, almost 20 and I'm dating a 15 year old girl. I love her more than anything in the world, and I want to be with her forever, but our relationship causes so many problems, people who know that I'm dating Mya (My Beautiful girlfriend) say I'm a *********, say Im sick, say im a rapist. People call Mya a *****, and all of those things get me so mad! I know Mya's a lot younger, so we've never had sex, and im not going to ever pressure her into it. There's much more to a relationship then that sex!! I love Mya more than anything, and I would never dream of ever hurting her, and people say things like that, and it really hurts, and it angers me so much! I'm aware theres a 4/5 year age gap, but that doesnt automatically make me a sick person, or her a *****.

Anyway, I had to vent my feelings, of anger... now my feelings of love.

No matter, what age I am, or what age you are, there will be love in between us, always and forever Mya, that's all I have to say ♥
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Be strong and keep that relationship alive because I know exactly where you are coming from. I was 15 and in love with a 24 year old im turning 19 and im still in love with him. we recently fell apart because he couldn't take people criticizing him and our relationship. hes my world and always will be. dont let anyone ruin your happiness my friend. LOVE is LOVE no matter how far apart your age is.

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The world goes by time and age. Your world my good friend goes by age is just a number. and time is irrelevant. People need to be more like that. Stay strong in the relationship if you in fact certainly do love her.

Awww thats so sweet I dont think its wrong I mean I love this guy he is 23 and I am 16 its just 7 years difference between us and you two just have a 5 year difference you guys are fine :)