I am in a 41-year age gap. I'm 24. My boyfriend is 65.

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Wow! That's crazy... how is that working out with you?

I want to know you please add.

Yeah he's one lucky dude!

My soul mate is also 41-years older than me; I'm very happy for you. ^.^

Good for you! If you are really in love, factors like age don't matter. I wish you every happiness.


I'm still looking for my younger soulmate. I know she's out there somewhere. I'm a biker tattoo artist that travels at least until I find her.

I hope things work out for you. Wish you good luck!I am 49 and my BF is 30. Met him on a dating site -----Cougarchats.℃σΜ----. I was really hesitant to date a younger men..I was worried about what my family and people reckon, etc, etc, etc. I swore up and down to myself that I will not date anyone that's younger than 45. Well low and behold here I am in a serious relationship, so madly in-like with a wonderful, affectionate men. He said he really had to make a lot of effort to win my sensitivity, and it was well worth it. I'm so glad he did not give up on me. Well what can I say....LOVE HAPPENS in a mysterious way. Do what will make YOU pleased and not worry about what people reckon. Excellent luck and hope you find your soulmate and like one another unconditionally.

I am hoping to find a young lady like you for a long term relationship. I am 49 and I find that young women revitalize me completely. I would always be erect for a younger female. Age 18 through 26 would be perfect. The younger the better. I would have no worries about society or family. *** on girls... Hit me up... Post a message on my white board.

Hi 'ameeker',<br />
<br />
I am currently working as a Researcher for National Geographic, on an anthropological documentary series called TABOO; and am hoping to speak to people in age gap relationships (with a disparity of 30+ years). <br />
<br />
While age disparity in relationships is acceptable in many cultures worldwide, it seems that in the West, relationships with extreme age differences are often frowned upon and misunderstood. Because these relationships deviate from the 'norm', to many, they are believed to be taboo. <br />
<br />
I am keen to speak to couples that are extremely happy, in love, supportive of each other, to demonstrate that these 'types' of relationships aren't destined to fail, and despite what many think, can actually work! Basically, we are hoping to demystify this taboo, educate the public, and open their eyes to the range of relationships that exist, and hopefully make society think twice, and question their judgments before they make them.<br />
<br />
I hope you don't mind me approaching you. If possible, and you might be interested in discussing this further, I would love to talk to you about your experiences. My best contact details are attached. Please don't hesitate to contact me through email/phone should you have any questions or need any more information.<br />
<br />
I hope this finds you and your partner well and your relationship going strong. I look forward to hearing from you. <br />
<br />
Best regards,<br />
Dora Weekley<br />
Researcher<br />
TABOO for National Geographic<br />
Beyond Productions<br />
Phone: + 612 9437 2075<br />
Emai;: dora_weekley@beyond.com.au

Something is wrong. He's old enough to be your grandfather. I hope you don't have a sexual relationship because it would seem like there must be something wrong with him. Then again he could just be a dirty old man like Hugh Hefner. Maybe you should just keep him a platonic relationship & keep him in a fatherly role to you. Don't think about having kids with him or at least don't do it. See a therapist or someone from your religious organization or call a hotline for advice on this to figure out what the attraction is. Eventually, you should realize this probably is helping to fulfill some void in your life & once you snap out of it, you will want someone more appropriate for you. Good luck. And if I am totally wrong, I'm sorry I said anything. Be happy, enjoy & don't worry about others opinions. Though you may need help again sooner or later.

Why are you on this site if you want to be judgmental of others? I'm sure there are plenty of sites for 15 yr olds who are in relationships with other 15 yr olds.

Who are you to judge? You know nothing of the quality of this relationship. Every relationship is unique.

There is nothing wrong with 2 persons in love, it is about them, not about how you see them. Huge legal age-gap or whatever you call it is none of your business. Stop judging people and spreading hate, what you are exercising here is judgement or hatred, not acceptance or love.

The lucky buggar !!! lol... I wish I could have a 24 yr old like that too...

hi...I am in such a big age gap relationship too...and I just find that it is not so easy.....I wonder are you from the same country with your love one or both of you are from different nationality?<br />
<br />
How long have you been in this relationship and how often you meet him?<br />
<br />
Sorry if I ask too much as I am just keen to understand more for reference purpose.

It has not been that hard because it is long-distance so people do not really see us together in public all that much. He is fine, sexy, healthy, and a gentleman. We have talked about kids, and that it is not even going to be an issue. I have told my parents, but he has not told his daughters. I live close to one of them, but she does not know. He would like to move closer to me, which would also be closer to his daughter as well.

Has that been hard for you?