6-year Age Difference And Interracial

I'm sharing my story not to recieve advice or make anyone feel bad for me or anything of the sort. I simply want to share because I want to help others in the same situation. I wont explain our entire lives; just basics. He is 19, and I am 13. He is African American, and I am Caucasian. Here's how I handle things. I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ. As you can imagine, I get talked about and made fun of a lot. But no, I'm not the girl that cries herself to sleep every night because "my life is so hard and I dont know if I can take any more." Instead, I ignore the harsh words of the people and I pray for them. Also, I banish any doubt from my mind. Doubt is like oxygen to a flame of failure. I know I make it seem like I don't have it hard, but I honestly do. Just because I don't cry and whine, doesn't mean that I don't have it as hard as others. My own parents don't even understand. My father is racist, and my mother tells me there is no hope. I don't accept their words whatsoever. I keep perfect faith. Quick hint: if people talk about your mate as they do mine in a hateful manner, don't tell them everything that they say. Spare his/her feelings. Help keep their faith perfect too. "The lord is with you wherever you go. Banish all fear and doubt." Joshua 1:9. This is our verse that we say to ourselves every day, my man and I. Feel free to steal our idea. I may have left something out in my advice story, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll try to get back ASAP. P.S. If you even start off your comment trying to put me down or doubt our relationship, please note that I will not read it. Thanks. :)
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I am in a relationship with a 6 and a half year age gap as well... I'm fourteen and he's turning twenty-one in a few days... :3 I love it... He is Hispanic and I am Caucasian, it is a long distance relationship as well. I have not even come close to telling my parents yet, because I know they will disapprove as of now, but he is an amazing and smart guy, just what they want for me, so I guess the time will come... Only a couple of my friends know, it's cool to see that I have a similar situation with somebody. Keep believing girl! ^_^

Sweet! Yeah, my parents only knew we were friends at first, but she saw some of our messages and found out that I like him. She doesn't approve of course, but luckily she still lets me hang out with him "as a friend". C: My guy is wonderful as well. Some people just assume that black guys are sooooo horrible. He doesnt even act black, lol. But yeah, I hope everything works out for you guys as well! You're cool, heh.