I Am In 2 Age Gap Relationships!

Yes I really am in 2 age gap relationships. I am 23 and I love both of my men. I know this is not considered normal but I never said I was normal.

My boyfriend is 40 and it can be hard sometimes since a lot of people seem to think it is wrong. We really don't care, we have 3 wonderful kids and want more. We have normal relationship problems, who doesn't? Bills, who does the dishes tonight, me using all the hot water when he wants to take a shower lol! None of our problems have to do with age. If anything him being older helps, he's finally grown-up enough to be as emotionally mature as I am. lol!

My second age gap relationship is my 58 year old slave. Yes slave (willing) and I find not many people find that relationship weird at all. lol! I guess that like the sweet little me can push around my older more experienced slave and does it without question. He trusts me to do what is best for him, and I trust him to. He is a lot like a boyfriend only closer in a lot of ways.

I dont know what the difference is but I get different responses with each of them. For those of you who can't understand the boyfriend/slave labels, My boyfriend is like my Husband and my slave is like a boyfriend. Yes they both know about the other and approve, though they can be insecure sometimes. I love both of them and try to make sure each knows how I feel. It's not always easy but they are well worth it. :)

I love you guys! always remember that!
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Love is grand

I've never forgotten that either!

I know you never forget that baby.

My sub just tured 21.........


If you ever need another slave....

that's sweet!

<p>What I'm struck by most is what a nice person you are. You speak with great affection for both of your men and make sure they both know you love them. I find that very touching. You also come across as very mature and level headed. It makes sense that both of these older gents like having a relationship with you despite the age difference. Age really is just a number and not terribly relevant when it comes to forming bonds with others. Finally, I'll just say that I don't know what the hell normal is, but you seem like a regular, down to earth person despite your somewhat unconventional lifestyle. All that matters is that this works for you and your guys. Cheers :)</p>

Thanks! They both know how i feel, but my boyfriend and i broke up so now ours just the 2 of us for now. We will see what happens later in life.

I'm very sorry to hear about your boyfriend. As nice and friendly as you seem to be, I can't imagine you not finding another quality guy fairly soon, if that's what you want.

It's okay, he's still my friend. But it means ticklishsoles gets me all to himself for now lol!

I never forgot it - not for a second!

Good baby, i love you.