Hello. im a 19 year old female seeing a 43 yr. old male we've been seeing each other for several months now and I am truly in love with him. At first I found it a little awkward when people would give us strange looks an occasionally ask if he was my father, but as we grew closer together and I started really seeing how much we have in common an how amazing we are together I didn't even notice anyone looking an now it seems like nobody looks or asks questions about us. But our biggest problems are that he seems to hide everything about us from some people he associates with like he's ashamed he is the one in our relationship that our 24 year age gap bothers. He seems to care and love me very much, but it seems like as we progress in our relationship the more he thinks about this. jealously is also a big point with us he seems to become jealous a lot easier than guys would my age, he has no need to worry about male friends I may have there is nothing that could take me away from this man we have so much n common an mainly the same interests and I deeply love this man I just need some advice on some of our issues please!
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Im in the same situation as you. Im 19 and he is 43 years old. sometimes i care what people think and for the first time the other day i went somewhere with him in public and i was so nervous. People asked him how old i was and where he met me. I try not to care what people thinks but thats been me since i was a little girl and i cant help it. We are keeping it a secret from some people right now and sometimes it sucks to hide our relationship. but he wants to make sure this is what we want. I love him so much and I can see that he loves me and by the way he talks to me. Hes everything I wanted. Its nice to know im not alone.

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Thank you, We've both got our own opinions about it im a lot more comfortable with it then him, I truly appreciate your comment.

Sweet heart,love is not about age but the heart,secondly this guy loves you en worries about your agements taking you,he's just being human to feel jealous,bear with him,thirdly by hiding from his colleagues about you is may be coz he thinks they'd say he's too old for you but not coz he doesn't love you.
Am 35yrs en am engaged to marry my fiancé of 62years,I lv him soooo much,he call me baby,African queen,angel,and other names trying to indicate that am too young,always asks y I love him soo much,he is also jealous of guys my age but all I do is assure him dat I love him en committed to marry him dat is why I accepted the engagement ring.
Be calm,be at peace,you are not alone