There's More Than One Gap In This Realtionship!

I'm 19, he's 25--that's a 6 year difference. 6 years wouldn't have been a big deal if I was say... 25, and he was 31. That actually sounds quite lovely.

Fortunately, my side of the family, are rather approving. They like the fact that he's older. It means he's not horsing around, and is serious. After all, who would suffer through the bullshit and threat of being accused of being a pedo phile?

UNfortunately, however, his mother doesn't approve of the relationship at all, thinking (and with good cause) that I'm too young for him.

Looking at our situation from the stand-point of a stranger--It is kind of surreal.

He's a succesful man, and a well-known Casanova among his group of friends. Gorgeous, good looks; Charming man; very well-educated, and well-travelled (in fact, he travels for a living); Sweet; Creative; Caring; Sophisticated;Well-dressed; empathetic; and very sexual--like a said, a well-known Casanova. And also 25.

I'm 19, and while I may have my own spectacular attributes apart from my God-Given Good looks (I joke), I'm also a college student.

And this man, this lovely, lovely man, is in love with me. This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, spectacular man is in love with me. Here I'm thinking that it's unbelievable.

We've been together for almost a year, and he's been bringing up the subject of marriage already--wanting to settle down, and explore the world with me. I've been introduced to his friends, and his family (except for the women in his family--his mother, and his sister. Though, they are aware of me.) And he's been introduced to my family, and my friends.

He's entirely sincere about it. No more Casanova Tom-Foolery, or Half-baked gestures. Because while we also have an Age Gap Relationship, we're also in a Long Distance Relationship. We talk everyday (short, and long phone calls both, depending on the moods involved), we see each other once or twice a month (or more, depending), his friends say hi to me on webcam. And for all the inconviniences, he's still there, waiting.

I'm still here, waiting.

Waiting for the day that we could be together--maybe, even, forever.

I just have to win over his mother!

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4 Responses Nov 12, 2008

To the poster above me my opinion that's not really such a big age gap I'm 15 and I've dated 18 year olds and older xP if there's love age doesn't really matter...And to the Author of this story I wish u luck ^^

Im 18 and i am attracted to 16 year old girls :S is that ok ?

waiting for those few years seem like an eternity. lol. But we hold on to that hope. All the time.<br />
<br />
Are you orginally from England too?

Yu will win his mother over in time. I had to win my mother ver with my hubby back in the day because he was from England. The age thing will be no big deal in a few years. My hubby is 6yrs older and know one says anything now.x