Almost Sexless Marraige Of 10 Years

I am just about 40 and I have ben married for 10 years & with my wife for 5 years before marrage. Ever since the birth of my son our sex life is maybe 3 times a year. I have been slowly over time just letting it go and dont even want to bring it up. I know she wants nothing to do with sex. She says "I dont know why, nothing turns me on" I just want sex to be something I do with her not feel like it is something I am doing to her. the pressure is getting to much to bear and ************ is a unsaticfing expeience compared to a woman I have commited my entire life to.
I am struggling with resentment of my son I feel she got what she needed from me and that is a child and that is it for me. I feel like a roomate in my own home it is always them & me. I dont know what to do.
We have been to therapy with no results . I was told to just give her time. 7 years has gone by and I am struggling with the thoughts of an affair but I also am a christian and fear the mental issues that will acur with an affair.
Please Help
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

u r in a common situation and i am in the same predicament.i now honestly believe that it is not the sex our ladies dont want it is us partners they dont want.i have read some of the womens magazines from time to time looking for answers and other women know the truth.our women r most likely fantasising about other men in the social circle and it is only genuine opportunity that is lacking for them to have sex with someone else